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Port Locker - A Data Leakage Prevention Software

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Data Leakage Prevention or DLP Software is one that prevents leakage of data stored in the system. It is also known by the name port locker. It blocks ports to prevent unauthorized access by anyone to the data. It is a complete solution to secure one's private or vital data. It prevents such data to be transferred from one pc to another using flash drive DVD/CD writers, PCMCIA ports, Ethernet ports, etc.

Using port locker one can block selected port when system is idle. Since protecting the confidential data is a major concern in this era, this tool prohibits vulnerable access to certain ports. If any person tries to connect to any USB port or any other port, system would ask for a password. Only the user who has installed port locker can prevent data theft because only he knows the password. If any unauthorized person, with wrong intentions was trying to access data, he won't be successful because the system would ask for the password, which way one can aware of. In this way one can have a total security from data theft. This ensures privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.

Port Locker is complete Data Leakage Prevention software that equips the user to secure their data and keep it confidential user can block the ports for different intervals of time to ensure total control over his system.

It also provides a special feature of print screen locking. Moreover file transfer log shows the detail reports of files added, removed and renamed to and from USB mass storage device. This ensures extra protection to data as the user can keep a check over all the activities taking place in the system. Not only this if any illegal identity has tried to access the locked port or has tried to unlock the ports using different but wrong passwords port locker provides an alert to the user.

Port locker has a unique feature of white listing the authorized USB by using unique hardware 10 of the device. E-mail filtering log shows the complete report of filtered and blocked E-mails of the MS Outlook client.

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