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Please pay attention to new immigrants to the United States! !

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
After obtaining the U.S. immigrant visa, the applicant can go to the United States with his family. Are you about to usher in a new chapter in your life, are you looking forward to a new life in the United States? So what preparations should be made before entering the country? What should I pay attention to when entering the country? What to do after you settle down? The editor today will give you a summary of the things you need to pay attention to before entering the United States, when receiving inquiries from customs officials, and after entering the United States. 1. Before entering the United States: 1. What you bring with you when you enter the United States:    Passport and consulate issued a sealed package health certificate X-ray chest X-ray vaccination card 2. For future work and life, you need to bring the following documents:   Education, degree certificate And transcript, professional training certificate, work unit certificate, work recommendation letter, personal resume, original Chinese driver’s license, translation of driver’s license, original identity card, birth certificate and marriage certificate for the whole family and the child’s school study certificate and transcript (nearly 3 semesters, English translation required)    school teacher recommendation letter for children’s award certificate (if any) In addition, bring cash no more than 10,000 US dollars when entering the country, do not bring pirated DVDs, and cannot bring any food, especially meat. 2. When entering the country: 1. Fill in the customs declaration form and declare the items you carry. After getting off the plane, you will be directed to the immigration inspection counter of the Immigration Bureau. Please put your passport, parcel delivered by the consulate and the completed customs declaration form together Give it to the immigration officer for inspection. Generally, the immigration officer will ask you some questions and answer them truthfully. After that, all family members will be fingerprinted. Stamp the immigration visa page to indicate the date of entry. 2. Collect baggage, pay customs declaration and customs inspection 3. After entry: 1. Open a bank account and apply for a card: You need to open an account with a bank to deposit the money and apply for a bank card for daily consumption. It is best to apply for a credit card, The United States is a credit society. You look at your credit history in many aspects of finding a job, getting a loan, renting a house, and buying insurance. You need to accumulate your credit limit from the beginning. Generally, you need to provide work and credit information to apply for a credit card. You may temporarily Unable to provide, the bank also has a secured credit card, you can deposit money in to accumulate your credit limit, and then, after you have a job, you can apply for an official credit card. 2. Open calls: There are telecommunication companies such as T-MOBLE, atu0026t, and Verizon in the United States. These companies provide prepaid phone services, family plan services and personal plan services. You can choose to purchase different services according to your call and Internet needs. 3. Driver's license test: You can drive with a Chinese driver's license. U.S. state laws do not clearly require that your driver's license must have an English translation or notarization, but it is recommended that you keep an English translation as well. At the same time, you need to apply for a driver's license in your state as soon as possible. On the road, you need to purchase vehicle insurance to avoid possible problems. [US Driver's License] 4. Buying a car: Public transportation in the United States is underdeveloped. Buying a car is a must for life and work. If you buy a new car, the price of a new car consists of the following parts: bare car price, tax, license fee and labor cost. If you buy a used car, you need Check mileage, check accidents, flooding, and repair records. At the same time, after buying an old car, you must go to a DMV near you to change the title of the car as soon as possible. 5. Purchase medical insurance: You must purchase medical insurance as soon as possible when you arrive in the United States, just in case. 6. Apply for a social security number: social security number, which is the 9-digit number on the social security card, called 'Social Secuiry Number' in English. SSN. You can log on to the website of the Social Security Number Administration to view the information required for applying for a social security number and a social security card and the application procedures. There are three types of social security cards:    The first type only has a name and number. This type of card is only issued to U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders). Holders of this type of social security card are not restricted to work in the United States. In addition to the name and number printed on the second type of card, there are also the words 'VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION' on it. These words to the effect are 'Only the work permit issued by the Department of Homeland Security can work.' This card is issued For foreigners who have a work permit from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to work in the United States temporarily.   Your name and number are printed on the third type of card, as well as the words 'NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT'. This card is issued to foreigners who have legal status in the United States but cannot work legally in the United States. [Social Security Card] The US Social Security Number is the basis of personal credit records. Through this number, investigators can see each person’s income, tax payments, bank account opening, stock trading, loans, car purchases, job changes, and home address changes As well as crimes and other kinds of information. The content of the social security number will directly affect the success or failure of individuals applying for credit cards, mobile phone numbers, and job applications. Credit cards are so important that they must be kept well and not casually disclosed to others. 7. Consultation on tax filing matters: As the United States file tax returns in April every year, it is recommended to find professionals as soon as possible after arriving in the United States to consult related tax filing matters. 8. Understand American society and actively participate in community activities: You can log on to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service website (www. uscis.gov), read the 'Welcome to the United States, a guide for new immigrants' published by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, it can help you find your daily needs and help you find the organization you need. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company has been committed to providing professional door-to-door one-stop transnational transportation services for personal goods for many years, and is dedicated to providing the most professional international transportation services for immigrants, students, foreign teachers, relatives, foreign companies in China, and people going abroad. The transportation plan covers international baggage consignment and logistics door-to-door services all over the world.
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