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How to calculate the cost of Amazon's first trip?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-04
Amazon fba head trip is divided into three modes of transportation, namely, sea transportation, air transportation and express delivery. The cost of the three modes of transportation will vary, while the cost of fba sea transportation head trip will be relatively cheap, moreover, it can also transport large goods. If it is for goods with low timeliness, it is better to choose Amazon fba first-course shipping service. As for the head-trip cost of Amazon fba shipping, it needs to be determined according to the cargo situation. Generally, the cost is calculated according to CBM. The head-trip cost of fba shipping can be divided into whole container or bulk container delivery, this needs to be determined according to your actual cargo volume. The specific cost will involve freight, customs duties, miscellaneous fees, etc. Amazon FBA head-trip fee charging standard, Amazon FBA fee includes order processing fee, pick-up and packaging fee, weighing processing fee, storage fee and other unconventional payment services. Amazon FBA fee = execution fee monthly storage fee warehousing inventory placement service fee execution fee = order processing fee sorting packaging fee weighing processing fee Amazon warehouse storage fee has two types: monthly warehouse storage fee, long-term warehouse storage fee 1, monthly storage fee = ( The number of goods that should be charged for 6 months of long-term storage)x (Unit commodity volume)x (Corresponding month storage fee per cubic meter) 2. Long-term storage fee = ( The number of goods that should be charged for long-term storage in the time period)x (Unit commodity volume)x ( Charge per cubic meter of long-term storage fee for the corresponding time period)How to calculate the cost of Amazon's first trip? Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and Chinese delivery service to Amazon warehouse. FBA first-trip service refers to transporting goods from China to Amazon warehouse, there are specialized services that can meet this requirement. Amazon FBA head, there are three main delivery methods on the market: 1, straight delivery; DHL, UPS, Fedex and the like, generally more than 20kg price is cheaper, fast time, suitable for emergency replenishment. No reservation for storage, but Amazon is not the subject of customs clearance and is not responsible for customs clearance and tax payment. It must make declaration and customs prepayment and prepare local customs clearance importers in advance. 2, FBA air delivery (Familiar with the line) : There is no need to pay the tariff prepayment fee, etc. , the cost is relatively cheap, about 20-35 yuan/kg. The goods are first airlifted to the local area, and then sent to the Amazon warehouse by local express delivery. The time is fast, slightly slower than the straight delivery. The express delivery is free of reservation, and now the market is empty, the pie is generally double-tax. 3. FBA shipping head: Shipping, local customs clearance, destination country delivery, slightly longer time. Foreign delivery is divided into: truck delivery and courier company delivery. The main difference is in delivery time. Generally, the full price of the first course of shipping does not include tax, about 1000 yuan/party. Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom are cheaper, and Canada is slightly more expensive. This kind of shipping has a long lead time, usually more than a month, and needs to be reserved for storage. The operation is more troublesome than express delivery. However, the price is cheaper than express delivery. If the express delivery cost is about 6000, but the shipping cost is estimated to be less than 2000, but the time limit is long and it is suitable for non-urgent replenishment.
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