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How much China Courier charge to Singapore, how long will it take _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-26
Singapore is one of the electronic commerce development in the world * quickly, is southeast Asia's * for mature e-commerce market, although the population is not much, but in Singapore in 2013 online retail sales accounted for 25% of the entire southeast Asia. With the rapid development of electric dealer market in Singapore, China and Singapore express packages also gradually increased, the matter of the cost of Courier to Singapore is becoming more and more attention. China shipping costs to Singapore how many, how many time. Below small make up details for you. China Courier service to Singapore: Hong Kong EMS: can go liquid, food, medicine, aging 3 - Eight days. The first RMB 200, heavy RMB 30 per 0. 5KGS。 Singapore line: RMB 240, heavy RMB 30 per 0. 5 KGS, goods is 38 yuan/KG, about 6 days to door. DHL: notebooks, files, mobile phones, file fee is RMB 110, about 6 days to door. A mobile phone to the RMB 230 in Singapore. 4 - Fedex: effectiveness 6 working days.
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