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Further reduce logistics costs

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-31
   The General Office of the State Council recently forwarded the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport 'Implementation Opinions on Further Reduction of Logistics Costs' (hereinafter referred to as 'Opinions').

The 'Opinions' pointed out that in recent years, the level of social logistics costs has been steadily declining, but problems such as high logistics costs and low efficiency in some areas are still prominent. Especially affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, social logistics costs have risen in stages, making it difficult to adapt to modernization. Economic system and the requirements for promoting high-quality development. In order to thoroughly implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, to further reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency, and speed up the restoration of production and living order, the 'Opinions' proposes six policy measures.

   One is to deepen the reform of key links and reduce the cost of the logistics system. Improve the procedures for licenses and permits, and accelerate the digitization of qualification licenses in the transportation field. Scientifically promote the management of vehicle overloads. Maintain the normal order of the road freight market, and establish a normalized working mechanism for severely cracking down on highways and national and provincial roads. Optimize the traffic and parking management of urban distribution vehicles. Promote the facilitation of customs clearance. Deepen the reform of railway marketization and carry out comprehensive pilot projects for the reform of railway marketization.

   The second is to strengthen land and capital security and reduce the cost of logistics elements. To ensure the demand for logistics land, provide key guarantees for major logistics infrastructure projects in terms of construction land indicators. Improve the assessment of logistics land, and reasonably set the performance assessment index of logistics land. Broaden financing channels. Improve the risk compensation and sharing mechanism.

   The third is to thoroughly implement tax and fee reduction measures to reduce logistics taxes and fees. We will implement preferential policies in the logistics sector such as halving the urban land use tax on land used for bulk commodity storage. Reduce road traffic costs. Reduce railway air freight charges. Standardize shipping port charges. Strengthen the supervision of charging behavior in the logistics field.

  Fourth is to strengthen the open sharing of information and reduce the cost of logistics information. On the premise of ensuring information security, open public information related to logistics to the society. Strengthen the opening of train arrival time and other information. Reduce the cost of truck positioning information and standardize the charging behavior of freight vehicle positioning information service providers.

   The fifth is to promote the efficient connection of logistics facilities and reduce the cost of logistics intermodal transportation. We will break the 'medium obstruction' of multimodal transportation, and continue to promote the construction of the Yangtze River channel improvement project and the comprehensive transshipment system of the Three Gorges Dam. Improve the logistics standard specification system, and promote the application of freight vehicles, inland vessels, standardized pallets and basic packaging modules that meet national standards.

   Sixth, promote the quality and efficiency of the logistics industry and reduce the overall cost of logistics. Promote the construction of the logistics infrastructure network, study and formulate the implementation plan for the construction of the national logistics hub network from 2021 to 2025, continue to implement the demonstration logistics park project, and lay out a number of national backbone cold chain logistics bases. Cultivate key logistics enterprises and encourage market-oriented mergers and reorganizations of large logistics enterprises. Improve the development level of modern supply chain. Speed ??up the development of smart logistics. Actively develop green logistics.

   The 'Opinions' require that all regions and departments must strengthen policy coordination, earnestly implement work responsibilities, and conscientiously organize implementation based on the actual conditions of the region and the department. The National Development and Reform Commission shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, give play to the role of the National Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Modern Logistics Work, strengthen work guidance, promptly summarize and promote typical experience and practices in reducing logistics costs, coordinate and solve problems in policy implementation, and ensure that various policy measures are effective.
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