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Fresh food logistics operation mode: self-built

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-03-03
The rise of the Internet has not only promoted the economic development of cities, but also facilitated our daily lives. We can purchase daily necessities and vegetables and fruits through the shopping platform set up by e-commerce enterprises, which provides convenience for our lives, and this is inseparable from the credit of fresh logistics companies. In order to deepen your understanding of fresh logistics, let's explore the operation mode of fresh logistics together in this article. At present, the more common fresh food e-commerce logistics distribution modes in China include self-built logistics distribution modes, third-party logistics distribution modes, community common distribution modes, and O2O logistics distribution modes. 1. Self-built logistics distribution mode The self-built logistics distribution model refers to that the fresh food e-commerce platform establishes a logistics distribution system according to demand and is responsible for the entire logistics operation process. The platform receives online orders from consumers, passes the information to the farm or the contract base, and then sends the goods to the warehouse or the distribution processing center nearby for simple processing based on the order information. Under normal circumstances, warehouses or distribution processing centers are combined with distribution points and are located in areas where online shopping is intensive. Finally, they are delivered to consumers through self-operated logistics. Companies monitor and manage the entire distribution process. 2.Third-party logistics distribution model The third-party logistics distribution model refers to a way for third-party logistics companies to undertake e-commerce enterprise logistics distribution activities. Since self-built logistics requires a lot of capital, with the increase of business, the speed of self-built logistics cannot meet the demand. Therefore, when fresh food e-commerce enterprises enter a new area, they generally adopt a third-party logistics distribution model, or in order to focus on the core Competitiveness, reduce logistics costs, and outsource parts that are not core business. For example, for consumers outside the scope, third-party logistics distribution is adopted. 3.Common community distribution model The common community distribution model refers to consumers placing orders online. The company passes information to the farm or the contract base, and sends the goods to the community terminal store through self-operated logistics. The terminal store then sends the goods to the consumer, as shown in the figure. 3 shown. This mode can centralize the decentralized network, thereby saving time, manpower and improving efficiency. 4.O2O logistics distribution mode With the development of mobile Internet, O2O has become an emerging model. E-commerce companies cooperate with traditional companies to integrate online payment and offline experience to construct an O2O closed-loop system. O2O logistics distribution mode refers to the cooperation between e-commerce platforms and convenience stores. Consumers browse product information and place orders on the fresh food e-commerce website. The website passes the order information to the farm or contract base, and then uses self-operated logistics or third-party logistics. The goods are delivered to convenience stores or self-lifting cabinets. Consumers use SMS or two-dimensional code to verify the goods, and consumers complete the 'last mile' of logistics distribution [6]. This model eliminates warehouses or distribution processing centers. Convenience stores have refrigeration equipment, which is equivalent to the e-commerce platform's storage center and distribution center.
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