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freight turns tech

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-30
For 14 years I have had the privilege of serving the logistics and transportation industry, working with trucking companies to ship more than millions of goods in the United States, Canada and beyond
I have seen the development of this industry create space for job creation, which makes the proliferation of third-party logistics (3PL)companies.
I started working in this industry as a freight broker to facilitate walking transport
Among the customers behind my father\'s backpack --and-ship store.
Today I have hired over 100 freight forwarders and software developers who have made it easy for other third party logistics or brokerage companies to go public.
Wouldn\'t it be good if more third party logistics companies could thrive and hire more of their own employees?
This is where technology works.
Before creating what the industry calls a shipping management system or a shipping software for TMS, it is very difficult to work with companies that have the trucks needed to transport the goods.
Combining this with the sad reality that trucking capacity has been low in this country makes it easy to understand why so much work is not available.
According to a recent article by CNNMoney, there are about 200,000 permanent job vacancies in the countryhaul truckers.
No wonder it\'s so hard to get into the freight-
Finding a truck for a potential shipper has become increasingly difficult, which is the ultimate goal of any freight forwarder.
TMS is actually a business in a box.
It allows agents working for third party logistics to easily find load capacity, in turn supporting job creation across the industry.
Historically, zero is slow.
Shipments that need to be distributed on a daily basis have declined.
If so, the number is on the rise.
According to the Bureau of Transport Logistics, July shipments were the sixth highest since the recession began in 2008.
It is clear that the recession has not affected the circulation of goods.
Connect this with technology so it\'s easier to find transportation and you \'ve found that more workers are needed.
I hire about 10 to 20 freight forwarders per month just to handle the number of customers who need shipping services.
These jobs don\'t require much skill.
The software handles that part.
Employees who are eager to help their customers are the most successful.
Keep in mind that as the industry accelerates the development of systems that automate shipments for these third-party logistics, there is also a growing demand for qualified technical engineers and developers.
Like me, by creating software that is good for entrepreneurs, these developers have the greatest impact on job creation.
Entrepreneurs using the software need to hire employees in all areas of the organization, including accounting, web designers, IT professionals, marketers, and customer support.
These positions enable workers with a broad level of education and skills to enter a stable industry in which their work may not be laid off and laid off.
The work previously done manually by telephone and Internet search can now be automated and simplified to increase revenue and economic growth.
With the right software, my third party logistics has grown exponentially since its inception in 1998.
As the demand in the transportation industry continues to expand and the demand for freight services and logistics support continues to expand, entrepreneurs from other third-party logistics companies and brokerage companies have the opportunity to enter an already prosperous market.
About the freight center.
From 1998 in Tampa Bay area, cargo ship Center. com is a non-
Asset-based Third
Party logistics (3PL)
A company specializing in online freight management technology that simplifies the transportation of commercial and residential goods.
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