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Freight agent import operation process-ocean agent

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-04
Freight forwarders have a lot of expertise, so it can use the safest, fastest, and most economical way to organize goods; freight forwarders have established customer networks and their own branches in various trading centers around the world, so that it can control the entire transportation of goods. ; Freight forwarders are consultants for industry and trade companies, which can provide advice on freight, packaging, documents, customs clearance, consular requirements, finance, etc .; freight forwarders can make recommendations on the possibility of sales in foreign markets and foreign markets; freight forwarders can Consolidate small batches of goods into groups of goods, so customers can benefit from this special service; freight forwarders not only organize and coordinate transportation, but also affect the creation of new transportation methods, the development of new transportation routes and new rates The formulation ... ① The freight forwarder contracts and accepts the charter and booking entrustment of the cargo owner. Freight forwarders must establish the idea of ??serving the cargo owner, contact the cargo owner closely, solve the worries for the cargo owner, keep abreast of the source of the imported goods, and proactively contract and accept the chartering and booking entrustment of the imported commodities dealt with by the importing enterprise. ② Freight forwarding list of goods. Under normal circumstances, the cargo owner's import booking contact form should be submitted to the freight forwarder 35 days before the delivery date. The freight forwarder will consolidate the cargo list according to the booking and send the relevant shipping agent in time to confirm the source of the goods. ③ Reasonable cargo loading. According to the nature, specifications and other cargo owner's requirements of the goods to be booked, the liner company should negotiate the freight rate, shipment, payment and agency commission in advance, so as to make reasonable ship allocation. ④Immediately issue voyage arrangement instructions to foreign agents. After the cargo is allocated to the ship, it should promptly issue a voyage arrangement instruction to the foreign agent, urge the foreign agent to compress the time of the ship at the loading port and use the capacity and load capacity reasonably, and notify the domestic import company of the ship name and the period of loading. ⑤ Do a good job in the storage and distribution of import documents. Imported goods documents are generally divided into business documents and shipping documents. Freight forwarders are responsible for the safekeeping and distribution of shipping documents, and the relevant documents must be sent to the port of discharge in time. ⑥ Master the dynamics of imported ships in real time. Mastering the dynamics and schedule of imported ships is extremely important for doing a good job in the port, arranging the unloading of imported ships in a timely and reasonable manner, and delivering the goods to the consignee as soon as possible. Freight forwarders should do a good job of filling out transportation cards and filling in dynamic forms of imported ships. When arranging cargo, both domestic and foreign liners need to be filled in carefully by ship and voyage, as a basis for cargo and cargo arrangements. The content of the transportation card includes the name of the ship, the time of the ship, the main cargo category, quantity, and actual volume of the goods allocated to each port, and the time of arrival and departure. If there are special cargoes (such as deck cargoes and dangerous goods cargoes of major parts), they must be listed so that the port of discharge can make arrangements for receiving goods in advance. ⑦ Do a good job of handing over imported goods after arriving in Hong Kong. After the imported goods arrive at the port, they are responsible for the handover of the port as a cargo agent. On-site monitoring and unloading tasks should be performed to ensure the quality and quantity of imported goods. At the same time, it must cooperate with the tally staff at the port to unload, tally, and prohibit mixed unloading. For the delivery of goods and dangerous goods on the side of the ship, the relevant parties should be contacted in time according to the speed of unloading, and the connection work should be done well. For oversized cargoes, size and weight, lifting points, and drawings should be provided before the cargo arrives at the port, so as to prepare for receiving vehicles and barges, and timely evacuation. The key goods, such as steel, mechanical parts, and rubber, should be controlled by specialized personnel to avoid confusion. After the cargo is unloaded, it should be checked out of the tank to prevent missed unloading, and should be responsible for customs declaration and inspection at the port. After the header, the customs release note is handed over to the consignee to pick up the goods. ⑧ Import agency. After the unloading of the port cargo is declared, the consignee picks up the goods at the wharf on its own. The freight forwarder who handles the delivery of goods and arranges the transfer of the goods to the place designated by the consignee is called import consignment. Each entrusted unit can directly submit a long-term or temporary entrustment to the freight forwarder, and sign the 'Agreement on Domestic Delivery and Delivery of Ocean Import' ⑨Final review of the bill. Freight forwarders should check the freight charges for the cargo owners, carefully review the bills (including loading fees, overtime fees, bedding fees, bundling fees, miscellaneous fees, etc.) and liner freight list, and pay the freight to the ship owner in time. If there is a stagnation / speed clause in the sales contract, the buyer shall be provided with the fact record of loading and unloading in time or settle on behalf of the cargo owner and the ship owner according to the agreement. The freight forwarder should also prepare the ship's voyage profit and loss estimation form, and fill in the ship's demurrage / speed transfer and freight payment.
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