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Fans send U.S. Amazon warehouse to choose U.S.

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-11
Ms. Liang opened a store on Amazon, which mainly sells electric fan products. Recently, she is preparing for the summer peak season sales. And just a few days ago, Ms. Liang took a business, which was to be shipped to the Amazon warehouse in the United States. So Ms. Liang searched the Internet for a freight forwarding company that provides Amazon FBA services. After reading it online, she noticed VIPUTRANS, an international logistics company. After entering the website and browsing many related cases, Ms. Liang also thought it was pretty good, so she consulted customer service related information on the website.

Customer service john arranged for salesman Owen to answer related business questions for Ms. Liang. The goods on Ms. Liang's side are 500Kg, which is to be sent to the US Amazon ont8 warehouse. After communication, Ms. Liang also expressed her concerns. She is more concerned about the issue of timeliness. Because she has also understood that shipping is relatively unstable in terms of timeliness. If the goods cannot be delivered to the United States on time, it will directly affect customer satisfaction and worry about whether it will affect the reputation of Amazon stores. Salesperson Owen told Ms. Liang that she didn't need to worry, and also carried out relevant time-efficiency analysis. Under normal circumstances, the first US shipping FBA can be delivered to the Amazon warehouse within 25-30 working days. Subsequently, the quotation will be made according to the volume of Ms. Liang, and the sea freight price is the total package price without other costs, nor will it temporarily change. The first voyage of American fba is easy to ship, the time limit is stable, and the cost is clear. After some consideration, Ms. Liang also felt very relieved, and signed an agreement with VIPUTRANS for transportation.
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