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'Double 11' Logistics Report: This is a 'war' of data

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15
  Three years after its establishment, Jack Ma's rookie flew up.

   Recently, Cainiao Network released the '2016 Double 11' Logistics Report. This report shows that under the general rookie schedule, the time for each package to be delivered to consumers is 15 hours shorter than in 2015. 'Behind the 'Double 11' logistics is really a data 'war', is the data's command hub.' Tong Wenhong, CEO of Cainiao Network, the chief commander of the 657 million package delivery, said: 'The logistics partners around China and the world are fighting with us around the logistics ecosystem of Cainiao.'

  Improving efficiency is what a real data company has to do

  On the evening of November 13, after the main courier company saw the orderly scene, Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, praised the courier. He told Zhang Yong, the CEO of Alibaba and the chairman of Cainiao Network who accompanied the inspection, 'With the upgrading of technology, the entire industry has been comfortable dealing with the 'Double 11'. In the past, there will be a liquidation of the position on the 'Double 11' less than 20 million orders. , Now it is easy to deal with 657 million logistics orders.'

   Behind the more goods sold and the faster the delivery, the express delivery companies are growing rapidly under heavy pressure. In the early morning of November 12, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, expressed his concern: 'It is very difficult to send out six or seven billion parcels next.' However, the results of the express delivery company made Ma Yun Eye-catching ― As of the early hours of November 15, nearly 90% of the 657 million packages have been shipped.

  On the basis of the increase in the number of parcels by nearly 200 million, the delivery speed this year is two days faster than last year. After hearing the news, Ma Yun repeatedly praised that this was what a real data company had to do, and thanked 2.68 million first-line couriers.

How much power has big data injected into express delivery companies? It is reported that through data and technical support, Cainiao has helped courier partners achieve real-time monitoring of the operation status of parcels at 180,000 courier outlets. Chen Xiangyang, senior vice president of Tiantian Express, said: 'Any logistics service provider who does not want to miss development opportunities will not refuse to work closely with Cainiao.'

   3 months ago, accurately predict the package volume of each line

According to the 2016 'Double 11' Logistics Report, from the time of signing, it took 9 days to sign 100 million for the Double 11 package in 2013, 6 days in 2014, and 4 days in 2015, but this year only It took 3.5 days.

  If these parcels are delivered by FedEx and other world courier giants, it will take nearly 1 month. Behind this, Cainiao does not own a car and a courier, but instead improves efficiency through multiple warehouses, nearby distribution, route optimization, electronic face orders and smart orders, helping the courier win the war of hundreds of millions of parcels. Victory.

  How did the rookie achieve the leap? Wang Zihao, a technical expert of the company, said: 'In the first three months of 'Double 11', we accurately predicted the parcel volume of each courier company on each line in the country, which really helped the courier company to achieve the best of the world. .'

   In fact, every time e-commerce promotions, in addition to consumers, merchants are also concerned about when the courier will be delivered. In order to solve this problem, Cainiao realized that 'the order is not placed, the goods first'-through big data and algorithms, the goods are directly placed in the warehouse closest to the consumer, and hundreds of millions of goods are ordered into the warehouse-so that the merchant No need to wait for delivery.

  At the same time, the intelligent monitoring system also made the courier company successfully reduce the burden. After 'Double 11', the express delivery enterprises entered the peak period of delivery. In Yuantong Monitoring Center, managers can see the situation of vehicle operation and front-line operation site in real time, and guide resource allocation more flexibly and comprehensively. An executive said: 'Now we don't have to stare at it as nervously as before, just check it out here every day, and the boss can be assured of meeting outside.'

  Automatic assembly line processing tens of thousands of packages per hour with an accuracy rate of 99.9%

  In the distribution center of the express company, we no longer see the congestion in the past. Relying on the automatic assembly line of intelligent order separation, it can process tens of thousands of packages per hour, with an accuracy rate of 99.9%, which is equivalent to 200 operators operating simultaneously after six months of training, while the latter has an accuracy rate of only 95%.

  In express delivery outlets, Cainiao's big data prediction shocked many express delivery companies: accurately predict the congestion of outlets and prepare express delivery companies in advance. According to the person in charge of the Yuantong branch in the Shilihe area of ??Beijing, it took 15 days last year for 50 or 60 people to deliver the 'Double 11' parcel. This year, with the number of parcels increasing several times, only half the manpower and three or four days were used. Restored normalcy.

   The report shows that this year's 'Double 11', the residence time of the parcel at the outlet was shortened again, saving 160,000 hours of delivery time for the courier last year. It is reported that the rookie can accurately assign the best courier to each order. In the last mile, the parcels to be delivered by the courier are classified, and the optimal delivery path is calculated in real time. Collecting, reducing the cost of the courier collecting packages, increasing the courier's income.

  In addition, during the 'Double 11' period, the delivery of couriers increased significantly, many people dispatched more than 200 pieces a day; At the same time, the working hours have been greatly improved, many people have to work overtime for 2 hours to 3 hours a day. 'Behind this grand ceremony, tens of millions of logistics people work together.' Tong Wenhong said: 'Thank you for the logistics people who are fighting on the front line, thank our courier brother, and thank them for their contribution to the 'Double 11'. '
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