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Do you know the basic knowledge of Amazon FBA

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-17
What are the overseas warehouses of Amazon FBA?
Answer: Overseas warehouses refer to storage facilities established overseas. In cross-border trade e-commerce, overseas warehouses refer to domestic companies transporting goods to target market countries in advance by sea and air transportation, and establishing warehouses and storing goods nearby, and then according to local sales orders , Respond at the first time, and directly carry out sorting, packaging and distribution services from the local warehouse in time.

Q: What are the advantages and benefits of using overseas warehouses?
1. It can effectively reduce logistics costs
Shipping from overseas warehouses, especially if you choose to ship the goods locally, the logistics cost is much lower than shipping from China.
2. Speed ??up logistics timeliness
Shipping from local overseas warehouses can save the time for customs clearance. If you compare the seller’s traditional shipping methods (5-7 days for DHL, 7-10 days for fedex, and more than 10 days for ups), if the goods are shipped locally, the customer will The goods can be received in about 1-3 days, which greatly shortens the transportation time and speeds up the timeliness of logistics.
3. It can effectively improve product exposure
If it is on the Amazon platform or in a store with its own warehouse overseas, then when customers choose to shop, they will generally give preference to local sellers. Because this can greatly shorten the time for receiving goods for buyers, the advantages of overseas warehouses can also give sellers their own unique advantages, thereby increasing product exposure and increasing store sales.
4. Greatly improve customer satisfaction and reduce seller expenses
Because not all products received can satisfy customers. In the meantime, there may be situations such as damaged goods, short shipments, wrong goods, etc. At this time, customers may request, return, exchange, reissue, etc., these The situation can be completed in overseas warehouses to complete the operation of return and exchange, which greatly saves the cost of return and exchange. At a certain level, it can not only regain the favor of buyers, but also save transportation costs and reduce losses for sellers.
5. Conducive to market development
Because overseas warehouses can be more recognized by foreign buyers, on the other hand, if sellers pay attention to word-of-mouth marketing, their products will not only be recognized by buyers locally, but also help sellers accumulate more resources to expand the market and expand Product sales area and sales scope.
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