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DHL international express how long will it take to get to the United States, how much _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-02
As one of the four major express DHL,, a lot of people is the preferred transport, so the DHL international express how long will it take to get to the United States, how much is it? DHL international express how long will it take to get to the United States DHL international Courier to the limitation of the United States is: 4 - 7 days can be sent to the destination, to be sure the DHL divided into Hong Kong DHL and mainland DHL, namely their starting point, namely the Hong Kong and mainland China. Of course, this directly led to the timeliness of some of the differences between the two. Normally, the mainland timeliness of DHL will be better, because the mainland DHL was accepted by the freight forwarder, transportation time is shorter, while Hong Kong DHL after Hong Kong company. Therefore, in general, Hong Kong is slower than the mainland one day. Mainland DHL arrived in the United States time is 2 days, if the speed is quick, can be delivered within 2 days. Hong Kong DHL express mail to the United States time is 4 to 5 days, if fast, can also be 3 days to reach. How much DHL international Courier to the United States DHL international Courier fees, because of the different goods, quantity, etc. DHL billing way DHL billing way, 0 ~ 5 kg, 5 ~ 10 kg, 10 to 20. 5 kg of each interval period of the first heavy and continuation is different, 21 kg to kg billing, large package price will be affordable. DHL and Hong Kong and mainland DHL the price also is not the same. See what goods which channel, often in Hong Kong DHL price is cheaper. DHL international Courier company is a global international express company, provide professional transport and logistics services, is one of the largest distribution network in the world, covering 220 countries and regions of the world's more than 120000 destinations ( Major cities) 。 As a global leader in international express, VIPUTRANS international logistics and DHL international express co. , LTD. Integrates a high ratio of empty Marine transportation service channel, sorting, centrally by the goods in the domestic is equipped with Hong Kong direct flights, after customs clearance of goods shipped to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Middle East, Singapore and other countries, the fastest to 48 hours to arrive at the destination.
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