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2018 new immigrants, Canada reporting guidelines

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Back their bags on a new journey, all the way through the inner, finally arrived in transatlantic Canadian maple leaf countries, different people unfamiliar environment, full of looking forward to strong to cross the new journey of life. Poetry and the distance is here, but will need to return to reality, the beginning of a new life with a little confused and upset. What certificate to apply for? What are the things to plan as soon as possible? 2018 new immigrants, Canada reported information on hands, wish can reduce your lost. 1, pay attention to the validity of immigration. The immigration is valid for your medical examination after the start of a year, or your passport maturity, which was according to which calculate before. You come to Canada report date not later than the period of validity, cannot be postponed. If you missed the period of validity, had to go back to the application, as all process and new application. 2, to bring enough family allowance. Immigration officials will ask how much money did you take to, take out may also allow you to count. He is to want to know that you should bring your housing fees. You must have, or you may not make entry. Should be the amount of the claim when you apply for. A the principal applicant must be at least c $10000, each more than a family member, plus $2000, that is to say: the three-person family to bring c $10000 + 2000 + 2000 = 14000. Of course bank draft or traveler's checks. Canada is not limit to foreign exchange in and out of, you bring in money, can also be carried out. 3, prepare a landing address. No matter where you are entering, or after living in which city, the best prepared an address, can find a relative or friend's address, to fill in the entry or asked to, if there is no address, can be provided on the Internet or make a phone call to inform immigration after landing, the card will be in 1 months later mailed to. 4, and articles carried by the customs. Canada's new immigrants all personal items from import duties. Such as personal items without this time, are you going to do in the future a year was brought in, must be provided at this time, called 'of goods after goods to follow. You carry this time and fill in for 'goods to follow' personal belongings, are free of import duty. But if you don't fill this time, future, may be asked to pay tax. Best prepared a list, indicate the commodity in English, type, quantity, amount of c. Pay attention to the goods to follow must be what you had before landing. After landing on the outside to buy things, brought into Canada should pay tax. In order to avoid trouble, the most convenient way is to keep shopping invoice, so that from time to time, send to Canada customs to prove that it was bought before landing. Try to detail the description of the goods to follow and avoid customs not dead in the future. Especially the valuables such as cameras, electric appliances, set forth the name brand, serial number, and so on. Such as valuable jewelry, regardless of whether or not take when landing, had better make a list, detailed description for jewelry, customs officers to check the recognition. Pay attention to the personal items duty-free new immigrants, not including business purposes. So, if asked about the item use, be careful. If it is working with or for sale, is a business supplies, should pay tax. 5, Canada customs is very strict. When Landing, no problem, because the new immigration goods duty-free, so too lazy to look it up to you. But in the future you will see when you move in and out of the customs staff work is how hard. Prepare not attentive, it is likely that they will be fined. Whenever an entry, to pay special attention to, such as plants, fruit and vegetables, meat things without, avoid the trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. 6, on the form. 商品列表( B4A) At least two, if you have any GOODS TO FOLLOW, and fill out a 4 a, the GOODS TO FOLLOW option box only, B4 - 01 ef is the customs of his own copy form, if there are any B4A, B4 - will be completed by the customs officer 01 ef with B4A behind. Note: cigarettes and spill has always been the Chinese New Year's day is a holiday like the people preferred gifts, immigration Canada, cigarettes and alcohol to bring also to have certain limitations, such as 1 200 cigarettes/adult, 1 bottle of white wine/adult, etc.
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