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VIPU Supply Chain tip: Shanghai port is introduced

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
As one of the country's largest Shanghai port, and is one of the major ports in the world, for its ports is introduced, in the foreign trade work, still need to know. Briefly introduce the background of the Shanghai port, which is located in the Yangtze river delta front, in central China's mainland coastline of 18000 kilometers, the conjugate of the Yangtze river estuary, something is located in the Yangtze river shipping channel and intersection of the north and south by sea channel is the main hub port along the coast of China, China's opening to the outside world, to participate in the international economic circulation of important ports. 99% of Shanghai foreign trade goods via Shanghai port in and out, the annual throughput of foreign trade accounts for about 20% of the country's major coastal ports. Shanghai is the world famous port, cargo throughput of 2007 remain the world's first, container throughput ranked second. To Shanghai as a port under the specific introduction background. At present, the Shanghai port by the huangpu river upstream port, huangpu river middle reaches port, huangpu river downstream port, baoshan luojing port area, waigaoqiao port, yangshan deepwater port and chongming, namely hangzhou bay port, port and so on eight port. By the end of 2007, the Shanghai harbor with all kinds of terminal berth 1155, including 133 production berths, terminal line total to 101. 5 km, cargo throughput capacity of 3 design. 7. 3 billion tons. Classification according to the terminal use nature: public berth 174, production of berth 121 of them, terminal line extension of the 22. 2 km, cargo throughput capacity of 1 design. 7. 1 billion tons; Owner's dedicated berth 981, of which the production of berth 495, terminal line extension of 40. 1 km, the maximum berthing capacity of 10 ton; Official wharf, shipbuilding and ship repairing, vehicles crossing the guest, work ship, such as military the loading and unloading of 539 production berths, terminal line extension of the 39. 1 km. Inland port in Shanghai there are altogether 1052 inland berth above designated size, the maximum design berthing capacity of 3000 t. After the general idea, may feel too much data is too large. Actually, doing foreign trade import and export work, Shanghai as the beginning of shipment port, wharf with export functions, as long as the key to understand new yangshan port waigaoqiao port and dock. While others, such as nine area spreading magnificent river port, ten area military road, fourteen area baoshan pier, what wusong terminal, in the concrete trade involved in the work not too much, even rarely have heard. As for waigaoqiao port, mainly include: 17 area, that is, outside the two terminal, container terminal hudong zhonghua is 4 pier and Ming east container terminal is the five dock outside. Waigaoqiao terminal is the old Shanghai port is one of the most important, while with the rapid rise of yangshan deep-water port, waigaoqiao port in order to actively adapt to the overall layout of Shanghai international shipping center, has adjust strategy, part of Europe, the americas and Australia and other areas of ocean route to yangshan port, the port of Japan and southeast Asia for some offshore routes are changed by waigaoqiao port. But by 2007, waigaoqiao port or container throughput of the first in China. And established as a new Shanghai yangshan harbor area, is developed with functions of deep-water port for Shanghai, after the first phase of the deepwater port, after the completion of phase ii and phase 3 were, especially for the third phase of yangshan deep-water port, has marked the north yangshan deep-water port, the port is the principal part of the project completed. Three phase of the project is completed, the north yangshan deep-water port, port container berth increased to 16, shoreline length 5. 6 km, designed annual capacity of 9. 3 million teu. From the experience, usually the trailer in waigaoqiao terminal 4 will be more expensive than in other waigaoqiao terminal point, and into the yangshan port trucking fee is higher, of course, because want to open further, need to pass the sea bridge, but into the yangshan port cargo usually cheaper than in waigaoqiao, actually also is the question about which costs, no fundamental difference.
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