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VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of baggage advice at nine o 'clock

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Migration or travel abroad, experienced a baggage, generally have a painful memories ~ good so a into a box, not hand, broken is the box was scratched & hellip; … To boot points less injury, please gnashing of friends to keep in mind the VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up article put forward the following advice! 1, don't drop the suitcase was so full, otherwise not withstand bumps on the road, middle zipper is likely to burst open. Then you can only regret green packing & other intestines; Throughout the pieces &; . 2, if the luggage looks light and lovely and nice words, believe me most are & other; Fragile & throughout; The cheap one! Or buy one and use up all look like tanks boxes. 3, if they are couples to travel, you might as well buy a pair of identical suitcases, including uniform color and style. This luggage box workers are more likely to carry your luggage together all the time. Not just because they look the same, but also the size of the stack is more convenient. 4, try to fill the available space of the case. This is done to prevent clothes won't move around inside the box. Moreover, the fold on the clothes or dress can also be reduced a lot. Where the gap is big can plug some newspapers or bubble pad to the structure of the solid box. 5, be sure to fill in the attached on luggage name and address of the form. In case the luggage accidentally wrong or lost, the other people can contact you. Otherwise, have to let a person open the box to search for clues & hellip; … Embarrassed? 6, if you have the waist with a belt of backpacking trip, remember to check bind button again. Otherwise, the belt is easy to card in a conveyor belt, or directly by the conveyor belt. 7, to buy a suitcase, if its hand looks very cheap, it is probably just lightly touch is broken. Good hand usually closely linked with box and the material is very durable. The worst hand is plastic! 8, if your luggage over 25 kg, then it must be the whole miserably. Just think you move in and out of the car once it is sweat, not to mention the baggage handlers of back and forth 200 times a day, sometimes it is no wonder that people were mentioned casually throw the luggage. 9, don't pack the valuables in the trunk. If you have a laptop, please put in hand luggage. If you have the XBox, please put in hand luggage! If you have jewelry, cash or rare calligraphy and painting, please put in hand luggage. If you have a lump of gold, please go to rent a private jet, local tyrants! To travel a lot of friends, please be sure to keep in mind the above nine little common sense!
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