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Various fees in container shipping is how come?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
In the container shipping cost, in addition to ocean freight, also can produce other fees, such as box, withholding box, box demurrage and port fee, etc, these costs also occupy a certain proportion, should not be underestimated. So what fees because of these 'box'? 1, drop box when the container port, owing to some reasons, port or shipping company in port has yet to start collecting box, can't enter the port, and the team in addition to the container and the other box to procrastinate, and has been in a collection card not to be, this time will often find a place to put the container falls and port open port has pulled apart again, cost is generated by the charges. 2, accrued charges accrued box is usually under special circumstances should be in the normal suitcase suitcase before date, in order to get the case number, fill in the manifest or other information. The cost of produce, at this time is called accrued charges. Withholding box is often used in on line of goods to the United States, because of AMS ( Counter-terrorism surcharge) And subject to the conditions of AMS deadline, the container work might just after the AMS deadline, but it will need to provide the AMS manifests in container. So in this case, you must first suitcase, in the yard. 3, box demurrage for speeding up the circulation of the container, to avoid backlogs, set free to use time limit for container ship company. In this period, the goods take up the container for free, over time, the goods take up container requires the fixed fee, this is the box demurrage. Box demurrage by the day. Exports, generally for 7 days. Imports may produce tank demurrage, within a few days after the ship is in port, Ten days, for example) Boxes can be free to use, in excess of the prescribed time will charge fees. So after the ship to port, must complete the import customs clearance in time and arrange pick up the goods, and timely return empty containers to the shipping company appointed place, free to use the time to short some special box. Of course, different shipping companies have different rules, the specific number of days to ask the shipping company. If is a customer of SOC, there is no tank demurrage. 4, enter the port fee after packing, container hasn't open port, the ship dock is not allowed to enter the port. In the case of application were allowed, costs of port in advance. Day open port, and worry in advance after operation, the advance into the port fee and drop box fee how to choose? Box cost depends on the team, each team charge standard, and the peak will be a rising tide lifts all boats. Incoming general is relatively fixed, and certainly cheaper than fall box, but not all port will advance into. From a security perspective, also preferred to choose beforehand, can avoid the second day of emergencies, high degree of safety. 5, charges, pour box fee is the cost of the mobile container. The produce general because in ship charges. Generally the location of the container in the ship is scheduled, once happened in the ship, the box is inevitable. Such as the process of shipping, the waters of tonnage and route is required. Some is not suitable for ship in some sea areas or not walk a little line, or a walk a little line is not economic, will cause the goods to other ships. 6, other costs ( 1) Suitcase fee: from terminal to the cost of the container to the customs machine inspection. ( 2) Loading fee: the container back when after customs clearance to transport the goods to the container of the cost of a car. ( 3) Circular fee: imported goods to the factory after finish unloading cargo container need back to run the cost of empty containers, export and vice. In export cargo, if the factory or freight forwarder has put the box from the yard, but for some reason ( Such as cargo ihave) And finally no packing, cause the empty container return, the shipping company will charge a fee to the factory, fee is generally 80% the cost of the trailer. This charge is called the 'circular' or 'build down fees'. ( 4) Un-loading fee: the customs or the inspection of commodity inspection need out of the box and then when the forklift to fork out the fee at the time of inspection. ( 5) Blunt port fee: the goods before the cut off day hasn't been sent to the dock or storage area, in order to catch the boat, and the yard and just under the condition of the goods, container fees for delay into the port. About the cost of the container and there are many, if a casual, will generate additional costs. Anyway, in order to make the container ship by sea, to avoid additional costs, we want to make sure these costs, in advance, lest be deceived generate additional costs.
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