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Things to pay attention to when shipping and arriving

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
   One, matters needing attention when shipping

   The cargo waybill you filled in is a transportation contract signed by you and the railway. The accuracy of the content of the waybill is very helpful to promptly send you a reminder notice at the station.

   The name of the consignee in the waybill is very important. If the consignee is an individual, it should match the name of the identity card. If the consignee is a unit, it should match the official seal and full name of the unit.

   The content of the receipt voucher you fill in should be consistent with the content of the waybill to avoid unnecessary trouble for you.

   You should keep the receipt voucher properly. It is an important voucher for the consignee to pick up the goods at the arrival station. Once lost, it will add a lot of trouble to the consignee’s delivery procedures at the station.

   Do not conceal the name of the product and overweight when shipping. Once the road department finds out the difference in freight charges, it must also check and collect liquidated damages. If a traffic accident is caused, the person concerned must be held accountable.

   2. Points to note when the goods arrive

   After the goods are dispatched, the consignee can check with the freight department of the arrival station with the receipt voucher. If the goods have not arrived, you can ask the relevant personnel to stamp the station date stamp on the back of the receipt voucher to prove that the goods have not arrived.

   If the goods are found to be lost, short, or damaged after the goods arrive, you have the right to request a record certifying the status quo at the station, so that it can be used as the basis for making a claim against the road.

   Once you find that your goods are damaged or short after leaving the cargo yard, you will lose the right to claim compensation from the road.

  For accidents that are indeed road responsibilities, the railway currently implements the 'compensation first, then liability assignment' rule, that is, the compensation claimant is paid first, and then the internal responsibilities of the road are divided.
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