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The VGM in container shipping is? VGM science knowledge and operation key points

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
来自- - - - - - Actual cases of heavy load container ( 来自- - - - - - 验证总质量) In order to improve the supply chain security, international maritime organization ( IMO) The maritime safety committee ( MSC) Updated the international convention on safety of life at sea ( SOLAS) A stipulation about container mandatory weighing. The specified requirements, in the container before shipment, the shipper on the bill of lading to the shipping on behalf of the carrier/terminal to provide verified actual cases of heavy load container ( 来自- - - - - - 验证总质量) , otherwise the ocean carrier/terminal shall have the right to refuse the container shipment, the regulation in force on July 1, 2016. As the industry's leading private goods international shipping LCL and FCL comprehensive international logistics service providers, service providers and VIPU Supply Chain support and abide by the laws and regulations of the Supply Chain security. Therefore, as LCL, FCL shipper on board Marine bill of lading, we will be responsible for the accurate declaration to the ship company VGM. For VIPU customer Supply Chain, we want you to cooperate with us to do: 1. To VIPU in your Supply Chain implementation booking or transport customs data such as documents, bill of lading sample, faithfully accurately indicated in the relevant documents you can entrust the gross weight of goods, including the weight of the goods itself, the weight of the packaging and the weight of the pallet. 2. Please in VIPU single time before transmission of the Supply Chain requirements documents with VGM information to us. 3. Once you find has been transmitted to our VGM information has mistake, please send us your proposed changes in a timely manner. Please understand to VIPU Supply Chain to provide the correct and real gross weight is you or your client's responsibility, we really need your cooperate to complete to strictly enforce the law. To fulfil our diligence, VIPU Supply Chain when cargo warehousing, container &heavy appearances before for goods or container &heavy spot check weighing, now we know that part of the port and dock on &heavy container may also be weighed. VGM straightforward operation key points: 1. Shipper is responsible for 2. Don't overweight container also must provide the correct weight, the error must not exceed 3% 5% 3. Didn't provide the container will not be able to shipment, VGM VGM with cut off time 4. Key: the weight of the label on the container when the door is the photo purpose ( Below the TARE in WT. Heavy is the box)
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