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The top ten 'hidden rules' and 'routines' in the

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
In the business field, fraud, management loopholes, etc. are hard to prevent. Next, the editor will tell you about the top 10 fatal injuries in the logistics arena.

1 rebate

There are two types of rebates: one is that the goods transferred by other freight units must be given a price difference, called an agreement; the other is the benefit that the shipper’s driver asks for when he comes to deliver the goods.

The ** kind is more transparent, ** kind of problems are more, because of its relatively hidden management method, customers are not allowed to fill in the rebate items on the consignment note, leading to many of these loopholes.

method one

Some companies directly ask the consignor to fill in a payment receipt as a proof of rebate. After the consignor signs and takes the money away, the staff will change the amount on the bill, 10 yuan to 18 yuan, and 17 yuan to 19 yuan. This mainly occurs in companies that do not use management software, or have software, but do not have relevant rigorous financial management modules.

Way two

Some companies require the supervisor to sign the rebate above a certain amount. Once and twice, the person who often ships the goods is very familiar with the supervisor, and then the tricky comes, because the supervisor still has the right to set prices, so he will do everything after dinner. It's settled. The consignor eats the consignor's money and the supervisor eats the company's money.

Way three

Some companies require monthly settlement of multi-rebate orders. Because of the large customer base, there are often rebate orders that have not been settled for more than half a year (many of which are lost by the shipper). Here, in the name of clear management, the company’s finance issues all rebate statements, settles all rebates, and waits for the shipper to settle, but the ones that haven’t been settled remain in his private pocket.

Some logistics companies have rebates that reach one-third of their turnover, that is, more than 300,000 of which are 1 million in turnover. For single-ticket goods, even the rebate amount is more than twice the actual freight, that is, the actual freight is 300 yuan plus the rebate and it becomes 900 yuan, and the logistics company is responsible for it. Therefore, logistics companies complain that they have cut prices and operate at a loss, while manufacturing companies have been complaining that logistics costs are too high.

2 Gas

Fuel costs are a large part of the cost in the daily operation of logistics companies. According to a company’s statistics, a 5m 6 shuttle bus is calculated according to the ** three times (within 20KM) of the goods, and it will cost 3,000 casually a month on average. More gas bills.

But the question is, is it really that much? With a 5m6 box car, the average fuel cost of 1.1 yuan/km is actually about the same, and 1.3 yuan/km is enough, including the waste caused by broken roads. But how did the 3,000 yuan come out? After the company installed five of the vehicles with GPS to prevent theft, four drivers walked straight away, and the gas fee dropped to less than 2,000.

There are actually two situations. One is to find small gas stations and open more. Now many companies directly bind gas cards. This situation is not much. The second is to sell oil. A skilled person can release a barrel of oil (10 liters) from the tank within a minute with a pipe and sell it to the oil dealer. Now many oil dealers provide door-to-door oil pumping services.

3 Freight prices are not uniform

Companies often get complaints from customers. Why did he deliver 30 last time and 25 for the same goods this time? Would he not think he was taking advantage of it? He would think that the charge is so messy and determined by the receiver?

He was right. At present, most companies are really determined by the consignee. If you are in a good mood, you will accept a low point, and you will almost accept a high point. The consignor will have a better attitude. Cheaper. The consignor’s attitude was almost too high and the price was high. Cause a great negative impact on the company.

4 orders do not match

The existing management model is basically that when the logistics company receives the goods, it either directly issues the consignment note to the customer manually, or writes the handwritten receipt to the customer, and allows the customer to go to the office to print the computer consignment note.

Therefore, it often happens that there are no orders and no orders. Moreover, when it is discovered that the return inspection has often caused losses, the regular goods have been eaten by someone in the link, and the monitoring can not find out, it is directly classified as lost goods.

5 Lost goods, less goods

Some companies will count the missing and missing goods as a basis for the year-end evaluation of the supervisor, but few companies go back to analyze the reasons for the missing and missing goods.

The time of receiving the goods is less, and the employees are not careful when receiving the goods, resulting in the difference between the actual goods received and the issued orders. This can basically be solved by checking back and monitoring.

If the goods were not placed in the right place when receiving the goods, and the wrong car was installed, the monitoring can now check back and the on-site supervisor is responsible.

When I arrived at the station, I unloaded the wrong station, because there was no obvious mark on the goods, and the marks made were often because the goods were unloaded at night, which caused the goods to be unloaded at the wrong station. This type of solution can often be solved through communication and coordination, and some of them are swallowed by individual employees or even the boss of the unloading station.

After arriving at the station, the goods disappeared inexplicably after a multi-level transfer. Goods that have undergone multi-level transit are often packaged damaged, unclearly marked, etc. There are a lot of goods piled up on many sites for half a year.

6 Fleet Management

The biggest loophole in the fleet management is the daily maintenance. Few companies use financial software to calculate the daily expenses of the vehicle. It is not known when the A car last changed the left front wheel hub. So there is a saying that the team captain is anxious for the company to buy the broken car and repair it every day.

7 It is difficult to replace new and old employees

The mobility of employees in logistics companies is generally very high, just as loading and unloading come and go. The flow of people receiving goods and computer billing will cause a lot of work errors, such as wrong billing, wrong receipt and so on.

From a certain perspective, the biggest reason for this problem is the lack of a standardized system in the company. For example, charging standards.

8 The driver will bring the list and consignment note

Many logistics companies have lists and consignment notes brought by their drivers. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem, but when there is competition, the risk is very high.

Harmfulness and defensiveness are indispensable. Normally, if you give the driver 200 yuan, the driver will copy the list to you. If you add up to 500 yuan, the competitor will have your detailed customer information.

9Incomplete customer information

I have been working in the industry for many years and I have seen too many consignments with Ms. Hu, Mr. Li, Boss Wang and other consignees. I often hear similar to the loss of goods caused by this situation.

The reason is that the customer's information is incomplete. Only one name is filled in when the order is issued, and there is nothing else, because the goods have arrived at the unloading point, and the unloading point has a way to notify the customer. Customer information is at the unloading point.

So when there is a loss, there will be a phenomenon of multilateral wrangling. The bigger loss is that the company can't change the unloading point, because all the customer information is with him, and the change will cause huge losses.

However, if the company wants to develop, there are always some unloading points that cannot keep up with the service, so it can only be changed. I have seen a customer who paid a full break-up fee of 100,000 before changing to an unsatisfactory unloading point. The unloading point has been cooperating for 5 years.

10 Information system security

Nowadays, logistics companies basically use logistics information management software, but most companies do not consider security, and only protect it from hearsay when others mention it. System security includes two parts, data security and data confidentiality. However, according to feedback from the majority of netizens, the various distribution apps and information management systems of China Wutong.com are relatively safe and convenient.

Data security: The ** version is the largest group of software users at present, and the host has been struck by lightning, flooded, poisoned, and suddenly broken.

The lack of a guarantee mechanism often causes immeasurable losses. Therefore, the server must use a professional server, dual hard disk backup, if possible, you can also add a hosting server to protect.

Data confidentiality: At present, most of the company's software has no secrets at all. Some are directly taken away from the host by taxation, and some are directly exported by operators.

I hope that the majority of shippers will understand the logistics staff more and stop thinking about the low freight. It is really not easy for us!
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