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The State Post Bureau pilots express delivery to villages

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-03
According to the news on July 7, the State Post Office recently issued the 'Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of 'Express Delivery into Villages'' and decided to organize the pilot work of 'Express Delivery into Villages' in 6 provinces (regions) and 15 cities (prefectures). The six provincial-level pilots are Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Qinghai. The 15 municipal pilots are Taiyuan, Jilin, Jining, Zhumadian, Huanggang, Chenzhou, Fangchenggang, Haikou, Ziyang, Qiannan, Yuxi, Xi'an, Yan'an, Yinchuan, and Hami. The purpose of this work is to form landable, reproducible, and extendable rural express delivery development experience in the pilot areas, promote direct delivery of express delivery services to villages, and basically realize 'village express delivery' in areas with conditions. The pilot work has led to faster and better progress in the nationwide 'Express Delivery to Villages' project.

The pilot content mainly includes four parts, one is to improve the basic network. Promote the construction of a three-level express logistics system at the county, township, and village levels as a whole to unblock two-way circulation channels between urban and rural areas. Efforts will be made to deploy outlets, excellent routes, and strong services to consolidate the coverage of township express outlets, and focus on promoting direct delivery of express delivery services to villages. The second is to optimize the development environment. Promote the effective implementation of local powers of the rural express delivery infrastructure, increase government investment in the development of rural express delivery, and create a planning, policy, and institutional environment conducive to the development of rural express delivery. The third is to promote integrated development. Combining local realities, promote resource sharing and joint construction of facilities in the fields of rural express delivery and postal services, transportation, e-commerce, and supply and marketing cooperation. Vigorously promote the coordinated development of rural express delivery and e-commerce, and create a 'through train' serving agricultural products. The fourth is to improve service quality and efficiency. Strengthen the supervision of rural express delivery services and urge enterprises to fulfill their service promises. Improve the viability of rural express delivery outlets and ensure the stability of the rural express delivery network. Crack down on rural express delivery violations in accordance with the law, and maintain market order and the legitimate rights and interests of users.

This year's 'Government Work Report' puts forward the need to 'support express delivery and e-commerce to enter the countryside' to help targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. The State Post Bureau launched the 'Express Delivery into Villages' project and formulated the 'Three-year Action Plan for 'Express Delivery into Villages' (2020-2022)', clarifying that by the end of 2022, eligible organic villages will basically achieve 'Village Express Delivery'.

It is reported that the State Post Bureau launched the 'Express Delivery to the Countryside' project in 2014. Over the past six years, my country’s express delivery service network has continued to improve, and express delivery services have penetrated into the lives of farmers, opening up the circulation channels for agricultural products to enter the cities and industrial products to the countryside. At the end of 2019, 96.6% of the country’s townships had established express delivery outlets, and 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) had achieved full coverage of township express delivery outlets. The establishment of a service network at the county and township levels provides a realistic basis for express delivery into the village.

The 'Notice' pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to market leadership, government guidance, overall planning, innovative supervision, adapt measures to local conditions, highlight the principle of characteristics, and combine the economic and social development level and resource endowment of the pilot area to explore the development path suitable for local rural express delivery, and form each with its own characteristics. Development model.

The 'Notice' emphasizes that pilot areas should establish a pilot work leading group to carefully organize implementation in accordance with the principle objectives and pilot content; research and formulate pilot work plans on the basis of full research and extensive listening to the opinions of market entities; regularly summarize work progress and analyze implementation Difficulties encountered in the process, sum up good experience and practices, and propose improvements and perfect work measures. At the same time, the work of 'express delivery into the village' should be included in the performance evaluation.
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