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The preparing work before international shipping logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
International shipping logistics make a 2 months before you are not going to take all the items list. If you want to sell, you may need to start preparing. Contact VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp sales consultant on-site assessment needs to take goods, ask for the transportation scheme and quotation. See if your visa will expire after the date of the goods arrived at destination. Began to decrease the kitchen food, frozen food and other perishable food supply. Notice to cancel subscription newspapers and magazines. Notice your friends or relatives you will logistics. Make a living abroad may not be able to immediately buy necessities of listing, and purchase some back. If you want some personal baggage packing, how many cartons can be planned to use first. International shipping logistics and VIPU 1 month before Supply Chain international logistics lp signed the carriage contract. Will some season clothes clean and packing. Tidy up all the family members of a medical or medical records. Began to clean up the items that need cleaning up in the family. If you now live house is rented, inform you in advance of a landlord or estate agents. Consider what to do with your car. Through your ticket time, to determine whether home or overseas hotel is good. International shipping logistics property within 15 days before the plant can start processing. If you don't plan to check in pet, pet can start to find a good space alien. Inform you that all CARDS ( Including credit card) The card bank of your bill may become email delivery way. International shipping logistics 7 days before check whether recent to express, and notify the sender as soon as possible. Once again check is ready to complete the things to take with. And VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp to site and appointment time. Six days before the international shipping logistics can contact destination hotel arrange pick up service. Will draw gas, water and electricity accounts for good. Confirm the destination country for the gas, water and electricity in the apartment, the Internet and television services whether has been opened. Received we send you the door packing notice, you'll know our arrival time and the contact way of the supervision. Five days' notice before international shipping logistics district property management to logistics time, negotiate our logistics vehicle parking and the use of the elevator. Column a petition about you randomly to carry the necessary items. Return the borrowed books and DVDS. All the things return borrowed from neighbors. Notice to cancel all subscribe to the newspaper, milk and so on. International shipping logistics before 3 days' notice to cancel all of the regular service time: network, telecommunications, water and electricity, gas, and cable TV. Ready to screw fixed platen washing machine motor. Clean up the medicine cabinet, all don't need drugs to local drug recovery place proper disposal. Finally for the garage, and other areas clean. Correct disposal of flammable liquids. Organizing and packing list according to start randomly to carry luggage and other necessities. International shipping logistics and community content canal again 1 day before to confirm logistics lp car parking, elevator use, open release. Ensure that degree of gas, electricity, water, has been recorded, and to confirm stop service time. To defrost refrigerators and freezers, out of all things and clean inside. Will some unused also can't take away the food and other goods to the neighbors. Empty rubbish bins. Put all the important valuable documents in carry-on luggage. On the day of international shipping logistics don't worry! You may be ready to very well, although is not always perfect, all the other things to VIPU Supply Chain staff to complete! The day before packing, our monitor has arranged for you the packaging personnel, materials and vehicles. When packing, we will check with you the direction of metope ground, remind you to put your valuables, sign the report. Supervisor will arrange packaging area, each worker and all packaged items to post shipping mark, according to the Numbers for your listing. Supervision will be packing quality control for you, you don't need to worry about the state of the goods safety, of course, you can put forward to supervision can facilitate your Suggestions and requirements. After the packaging, the supervision will use the dot single counted out item number together with you, and fill in them and the bottom of the packing list to you. Arrange workers to clear away the packaging waste generated in the debris, and metope ground you to check again. After the completion of the international shipping logistics to ensure close all the tap. Check gas, electrical switch and lamp. Shut the doors and Windows and take all the keys. Luggage again to make sure no missing any items.
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