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The hat is shipped to the US Amazon warehouse

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-09

Mr. Xiong of Zhongshan has been committed to the development of the e-commerce industry. In recent years, he has invested a lot of mental and financial resources on the Amazon platform and is also very optimistic about the development of Amazon. But recently, Mr. Xiong was very distressed when he was looking for an American fba Toucheng logistics company. Because the logistics company that he cooperated with before has unstable channels and there are many problems in the transportation of goods, Mr. Xiong intends to find a reliable fba Toucheng company for cooperation. .

Through an online search, Mr. Xiong found VIPUTRANS, a fba head logistics company that specializes in China-US dedicated lines, and consulted with customer service joanna on the VIPUTRANS website to obtain basic information and leave contact information. Soon VIPUTRANS Manager Zhou also called Mr. Xiong, and through a simple consultation, both parties gave each other the information they needed.

Manager Zhou learned that Mr. Xiong has a number of hat products, including rain hats, sun hats, dust caps, night caps, work caps, travel caps and other products. The volume is about 200kg, and Mr. Xiong pays more attention to the issue of timeliness. Manager Zhou recommended the logistics plan of American International Express. Recently, VIPUTRANS has also obtained the exclusive agency of Fedex in the United States. The price contains oil, IP/35 yuan/KG, and it usually takes 2-3 working days to reach the destination. Mr. Xiong was also very satisfied with this logistics plan. Very soon VIPUTRANS also arranged shipping matters and reached a good cooperation through communication and consultation between the two parties.

Recently, we have learned that many customers are preparing for summer Amazon operations, and many summer sports and leisure products need to be sent to Amazon warehouses in the United States. If you have any Amazon fba head logistics needs, you can call directly or leave your contact information online. , VIPUTRANS will serve you wholeheartedly to make your cross-border logistics more efficient and faster!
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