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The difference between FBA and overseas logistics warehousing-Cross-border talent

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-10
What is the difference between FBA and third-party overseas logistics warehousing? Follow the small editor to have a look! 1. The difference in the selection range Amazon FBA warehouse has certain restrictions on the size, weight and category of the selected products, so the selected products tend to be products with small volume, high moisture and good quality; If you choose a third-party overseas logistics warehouse, the selection range is wider than that of FBA warehouse, and products with large volume and weight are also suitable. In other words, products that can enter the Amazon FBA warehouse must be able to enter the third-party overseas logistics warehouse, but products that can enter the third-party overseas logistics warehouse may not be able to enter the Amazon FBA warehouse. 2. The Amazon FBA warehouse does not provide the seller with a head-trip customs clearance service; Some third-party overseas logistics warehousing services will provide sellers with head-to-head customs clearance services, and even have a one-stop service that includes paying taxes and delivering them to the warehouse. 3. The difference between the requirements for products before entering the warehouse the storage requirements of Amazon FBA warehouse are relatively strict. The seller is required to handle and stick the carton label and product label before delivery. If the carton or product label is damaged, the seller will be asked to sort out before entering the FBA warehouse. And Amazon does not provide product assembly services; The warehousing requirements of third-party overseas logistics warehouses are not as high as those of Amazon FBA warehouses. They will provide sorting and assembling services before being put on shelves. 4. The difference in the distribution of products after entering the warehouse Amazon is the default warehouse, often the seller's products are scattered to different warehouses for mixed storage; The third-party overseas logistics warehouse generally puts the goods in the same warehouse for centralized management. In addition, FBA warehouses are only available to sellers on the Amazon platform. The third-party overseas logistics warehousing does not have this requirement. As long as you have the goods, no matter which platform you sell, you can use the third-party overseas logistics warehousing. In addition, the third-party overseas warehouse also has a transit function. If the seller uses the third-party overseas logistics warehouse and the FBA warehouse at the same time, the goods can be directly transferred from the third-party overseas logistics warehouse to the FBA warehouse during the peak season, save time from domestic delivery. 5. The difference in storage costs, the cost of choosing overseas warehouses is not low. In contrast, if the amount of goods is large, the cost of using FBA warehouse is higher than that of using third-party overseas logistics warehouse. However, for products entering the FBA warehouse, the seller can increase the unit price of the product to share the storage cost. If you are entering a third-party overseas logistics warehouse, you can reduce the price of the product to obtain customers. 6. FBA is selected for differences in product promotion support. Amazon platform will increase the exposure of sellers' products, such as improving sellers' Listing ranking and helping sellers grab shopping carts, these are conducive to increasing the flow and sales of seller stores. If you choose a third-party overseas logistics warehouse, it is impossible for overseas logistics warehouse service providers to provide platforms for sellers' products or increase exposure on the platforms like Amazon. Sellers need to do their own promotion inside and outside the station to increase the performance of the store. 7. For the difference in the handling of poor evaluation of products after delivery, any poor evaluation caused by FBA can be removed by Amazon, and the seller does not need to worry about it; If the third-party overseas logistics warehousing is used, the overseas logistics warehousing service provider may not be able to provide after-sales and complaint services, even if it is provided, it may not be able to successfully eliminate the bad reviews left by customers. Generally, third-party overseas logistics warehouses rarely have bad reviews caused by logistics delivery. 8. The difference in return support Amazon supports unconditional return of goods by customers. FBA warehouse will not conduct any appraisal of returned products and will not charge any fees from buyers. Even if there is no quality problem with the returned products, Amazon will not sell the products to the second buyer again. This kind of return method is actually more partial to customers, which will lead to a higher return rate. If the product is returned, Amazon will charge another fee whether it is destroyed or returned to the seller. If it is a third-party overseas logistics warehouse, for the returned products and overseas warehouses, if it is not a quality problem, you can replace the label or repackage the seller, and then sell it again, can reduce the loss of the seller. 9. The difference in the risk of goods storage and the placement of goods in overseas logistics warehouses are potential security risks. Placed in an FBA warehouse with security associated with Amazon account security. If there is something wrong with the products you sell in Amazon and your account number is closed by Amazon, the goods placed in Amazon FBA warehouse will also be temporarily sealed up; If it is to be stored in a third-party overseas logistics warehouse, there is no need to worry about this risk. The above is the difference between FBA and third-party overseas logistics warehousing. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to our cross-border talents!
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