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The baggage do, what pay attention to the point

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
With the development of economy, more and more people begin to go abroad, immigration, study abroad, travel, work and so on, for the first time to go abroad, take some personal items as possible for future trouble, but how to carry these items to go abroad, spend the least money, the easiest way to complete the shipping? Below VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to sum up the experiences of years of baggage and put forward the following Suggestions: one, international baggage choose what way baggage choose any way and you have to check luggage items related to the volume weight, mainly include: random shipping, international express delivery, shipping, and baggage door to door service. So according to your demand to choose cost-effective way of shipping; 1, the random checked baggage weight in 20 - going abroad 40 kg, when the luggage is not overweight, the most economical, most students take this way. It is very convenient to deal with random study in baggage, personal when the customs at the airport to check in at the same time. Random check, but there will be a weight and size limits, according to the different airlines, under free shipping weight limit is also different. In 20 - roughly 40 kg range ( Air China 40 kg, sia 35 kg) , if more than this range, it will charge a high air freight; Also has the corresponding provisions and trunk and width 3 edges the sum is no more than 158 cm high, usually 1 to 2 pieces of luggage. 2, international express international express: in 1 - baggage weight 2 kg, the cost of the EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT and other international Courier company, can be directly delivered to the destination, adopt this way of study in baggage fees is one of the most expensive of all the way. Only 1 - if your goods 2 kg, such as some much-needed file, select the international express this kind of way more economical, generally 3 to 5 days can be delivered to the destination, is very convenient, is the best way to emergency and bare. 3, shipping unchecked baggage weight, low cost checked shipping is different from the international express and random, fee standards is very clear, don't worry about the weight and volume, the cost is high in balance will be shipped as much as they want to transport, piece of luggage, of course, also have weight and size of the request. Only speed is slow, generally need to 20 days a month or so. 4, baggage before the door to door service comprehensive advantages and disadvantages of the three services, the current market there is a service for overweight baggage, cost-effective, both shipments of cheap, convenient and fedex. You just need to sit at home, can enjoy convenient domestic door-to-door and destination delivery of the goods, especially for 1 - Eight suitcases ( Roughly equivalent to 1 cubic meters volume, weight 200 kg) Checked, it is the first choice for studying abroad, immigration. Second, the international what note 1, it is prohibited to carry my luggage contraband in different countries to carry items have different restrictions and requirements. Before preparing luggage must understand relevant taboo. Carrying medicine to New Zealand for example, needs to have western medicine prescription, and declare to the customs, otherwise it may be fined, severe cases will be in jail. And go to the United States, don't take pirated DVDS and books. Go to Canada with prescription immigration there is a clear need to confirm the drug certification, can't endangered animals and their fur products, etc. Go to France, don't bring & other; Counterfeit & throughout; The light is confiscated, heavier fines. 2 pack your bags, packaging requirements, the most important thing is to use less space outfit more, all to save for the principle. When considering from saving space, dot outfit, try to carry the goods packaged in small, space journey to buy souvenirs and gifts. Big heavy objects can be placed in the bottom, small lighter, and more easily to such handling; Easily broken items can be wrapped up with clothing or towel, in luggage space into volume tubular towel or soft and not easy to wrinkled clothes. The remaining space can be placed a handkerchief, socks and other small items. The less things placed more closely, the damage of luggage. Place your suitcases classify ground, so as not to because of chaos for something more. 3, packing material if you choose to random check, fabrics or metal suitcase natural than plastic bags are much more sturdy, it is also important to the selection of the roller, if lost a wheel in the baggage, I'm afraid you're behind schedule is not so easy to go. If you choose other way, private goods packing should be according to the actual situation to choose the material, shipping logistics, for example, the article such as large furniture, can be used by the logistics lp professional packaging materials for packaging. 4, buy insurance as the shipper, the customer can purchase additional insurance, and the best in order to protect their personal belongings and reduce the loss. Considering the natural conditions of uncertainty, it is a worthwhile investment, because can buy insurance on the items in the process of storage and transportation to ensure the safety of the goods, until the goods arrived safely at your hands.
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