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Tanabata Flower Carriage Prosperous Air Cargo

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15

China Civil Aviation Network correspondents Gu Ge, Li Lin, Liu Jiahong, Chen Shaoying, Li Pengcheng reported: August 17 is the traditional Chinese Qixi Festival, and the festival effect has boosted the flower air transportation market. It is understood that the flowers that are airlifted on the eve of the 'Tanabat' are mainly wedding flowers such as roses, lilies and tulips. Among them, roses that fit the theme of the Tanabata are the most popular, accounting for more than 60%.

The author learned from the China Southern Airlines Cargo Department that the air transportation of fresh flowers entered the peak period one week before the 'Tanxi Festival', especially the domestic fresh flower shipments increased steadily. In Kunming, the main domestic flower-producing area, the amount of fresh flowers carried by China Southern Airlines exceeded 420 tons a week before the holiday, and the average daily shipping volume was more than 60 tons, accounting for about 50% of China Southern's Kunming export volume. Combining this year's 'Qi Xi' market situation and the output of fresh flowers, China Southern Airlines Cargo Department expects its Kunming outbound fresh flower shipment volume to increase by 10%-15% year-on-year.

With the development of Internet +, a new retail model of 'e-commerce + flowers' was born. According to the owner of the consignment of flowers in the Cargo Department of China Southern Airlines Shanghai Branch, the flow of airborne flowers is mainly based on e-commerce platforms, followed by street flower shops and shopping malls. In response to new features such as the supply and demand of fresh flowers under the O2O marketing model, fresh-keeping time, and transportation requirements, China Southern Cargo has developed a differentiated service guarantee plan based on the different fresh flower transportation needs of customers.

In order to ensure the freshness of fresh flowers, China Southern Cargo arranges fresh flowers in aircraft cabins that can automatically adjust the temperature. When unloading, it uses a 'green passage' that directly enters the cold storage of the cargo station from the apron to avoid damage to the flowers caused by high temperature weather. For the flowers transferred via the Guangzhou hub, China Southern Cargo uses a one-stop transfer temperature control service to understand the flight dynamics before the flight arrives and customize the temperature control service according to the characteristics of different flowers.
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