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Rolling Out a Major Product Transition Across

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-02
Partnership, Customer Service, Technology For C3 Solutions, customer success equals company success. The industry leader in yard and dock management solutions eased the transition for users to a new HTML5 platform, providing exceptional support.THE PROJECTC3 has been preparing its customers' transition from Flash to HTML5 for almost two years. This project is unique because it touches every customer using C3's products. Everyone had to make the switch, not just those wishing to upgrade to a faster and more robust platform. The project began in 2018 and will be complete at the end of 2020.THE CUSTOMER-PARTNER RELATIONSHIPC3 Solutions is a supply chain and logistics optimization software firm, focused on offering best-of-breed customizable yard and dock management solutions. The globally recognized enterprise's mission-critical systems manage the yards and docks of companies across all industries. C3's clients rely on the platform's real-time visibility to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently.The Dock Scheduling and Yard Management Solution industry leader has been preparing to shift all of its users from its Adobe Flash product version to a brand new HTML5 platform. C3's Customer Care Team Lead, Nataly Silva—who has almost 20 years in customer service—aimed to smooth out the transition process and ensure clear communication between both parties during what was sure to be a stressful project with a firm and non-negotiable deadline (Flash Player's end of life was announced for Jan. 1st, 2021). The main goals Ensure there are no surprises on the client's side. Customers would receive the necessary level of support, training, and documentation. Create and manage a clear and compelling line of communication, both internally and externally.cASE 1 A customer's transition to HTML5 didn't reach the anticipated adoption due to lack of communication and support in the initial stages of the project. They continued to use the Flash version. This is a problem because Flash would stop working at the end of the year, creating significant issues across their organization, leaving them vulnerable and without a functioning system. Nataly noticed a lack of activity on the HTML5 platform during a routine checkpoint and followed up with the client to investigate further. With additional training, documentation, and fixing any glitches, the customer began using the portal.CASE 2 A major retailer communicated concerns about how this transition could impact their suppliers and carriers. C3 realized this as a broader challenge for multiple clients. User Guide Packages were created to smooth out the transition for C3's customers, and provide extra support for their 3rd party suppliers and carriers. The C3 Team got to work and was able to provide in-depth support documentation and videos.CASE 3 At key moments throughout the project, Nataly ran surveys to determine the level of satisfaction. During one of these one-on-one check-ins, a particular customer voiced dissatisfaction due to a miscommunication related to the timing of a specific HTML5 module delivery. Without this exercise, C3 could have been made aware of this particular client's issues too late in the process to ensure they would be operating successfully on HTML5 come 2021. Thanks to this open line of constant communication initiated by C3, they could make the necessary changes and revisit the rollout strategy and timeline.Leveraging the Customer Care team in this massive project was considered an extension of C3's product mission statement, increasing the level of visibility and communication an organization should have to operate at maximum efficiency. Thanks to Nataly and her team, who created a transparent process, C3 is proud to report near completion of this project with very few critical circumstances.Visit www.C3Solutions.com for more information.
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