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Pull rod box how to shipping? Pull rod box export needs to pay attention to? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-29
Pull rod box belongs to the luggage products, because of its easy to use and is popular with travellers. China is the world's major exporter of suitcases and bags, in the export of labor-intensive products, bags have become a prominent product. At present has formed including leather, textile fabrics, foaming materials, ribbon, zipper, pull rod, packaging machinery, hardware accessories, such as a relatively complete industrial chain, become a national focus on the development of one of the major export of light industrial products. Pull rod box how to shipping? Pull rod box shipping operation is simple, only need to provide the basic information of the goods ( Name, size, weight, port of shipment, port of destination, etc. ) To make an inquiry at long sail international logistics customer service, such as shipping cost after confirm booking, finally arranged by our customs export of shipping. With plastic or textile material for the suitcase, commodity code is 42021210. 00; Declare elements: name; Species ( Small suitcase, suitcase, bag, etc. ) ; Surface material ( Plastic, fabric, etc. ) ; Brand and model number; Tax rebates: 15%; No regulatory conditions. Other with leather or regenerated leather for the bags, commodity code is 42021190. 90; Declare elements: name; Surface material ( Plastic, fabric, etc. ) ; Brand and model number, tax refund rate: 15%; No regulatory conditions. Pull rod box parts separate packaging, so goods should do customs declaration material? According to the product classification of the coordinate system of classification rules of total provisions of rule 2 ( A) Items listed in item, shall be deemed to be the products of incomplete products or manufactured goods, as long as in the incomplete import or export goods or products are the basic characteristics of the complete product or finished goods, goods shall be deemed to include the complete product or finished goods ( Or by this paragraph can seat complete product or finished goods classification of goods) In the import or export for assembly or break up. According to the regulation, you should still do pull rod case, but failed to assembly or dividing, please indicate in item 4202, specific want to combine case material will decide the HS codes. Pull rod box export needs to pay attention to? Luggage products to specifications, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state, shall be indicated in the products and product packaging product name, product level, material quality, specification, Model) , producer name and address, contact number, standards and other information. Promulgation and implementation of the eu REACH regulation to strengthen the market within the union chemicals and products containing chemicals control, request the bag products into the eu must provide better than the present stage chemical content detection more rigorous proof. The eu safety standards to improve not only the hidden trouble of luggage products export trade barriers, at the same time, also increased the test cost. Bags of textile fabrics, leather, plastic, metal and other raw materials are usually encountered technical barriers. The European Union and other countries for azo dye, five chlorine phenol, formaldehyde, hexavalent chromium, such as heavy metal ban. Product exports to the eu has limitation of foreign technical barriers to trade, a large number of export products be returned, withhold, destroy, or increase the export costs and loss of competitiveness, and even lost the traditional export markets. Have occurred in recent years, many developing countries export package in China trade friction, such as Russia's ban on boycott fur products enter the international market in our country, Nigeria banned the import of some bags, in our country some bags regulation in China, Mexico, Turkey imported from our country part of the case of anti-dumping investigation, etc. Because the bag production in textile fabrics, leather, plastic, metal and other materials, developing countries' technical barriers also emerge in endlessly.
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