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Long-distance transportation supporting service

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
1. Special equipment transportation

The transportation of equipment mainly includes transportation of other special materials such as mining equipment, mechanical equipment, power station equipment, aerospace equipment, nuclear power equipment, etc. It also provides cranes of different tonnages, and Pacific Cargo Insurance escorts the entire journey.

2. Large-size (three oversize) transportation

1. The company has a large fleet of special objects, complete certificates, and specializes in the transportation of overweight (under 120 tons), over length (within 40 meters), over width (within 6.2 meters) and over height (under 5 meters). Especially good at bulk logistics and overweight logistics transportation.

2. The company carries all kinds of large-scale, special objects, super-long, super-wide, super-high, super-heavy, and other large-scale cargo transportation services, and can handle three-super-certificates on its behalf.

3. The company has various types of oversized vehicles: 30-80CM ultra-low board heavy-duty tractors, 20-120 tons ultra-low flatbed trucks, 12-20m retractable pull-out ultra-long flatbed trucks, and more than 50 hoisting machinery (sets ).

4. Professionally undertake the loading and unloading of large equipment and construction machinery, and carry various 'three super' items such as pile drivers, cranes, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, steel materials, power station equipment, precision instruments and other special materials.

3. Vehicle transportation

1. Various gondola cars, high hurdles single-axle cars, double-axle cars, four fronts and four rears, four fronts and eight rears, flatbed cars, vans, semi-enclosed cars, low chassis trailers, 17-meter high and low chassis trailers, first-class The hardware guarantees the entire vehicle transportation of various goods.

2. Specializing in handling LTL business from the Pearl River Delta to all parts of the country (especially Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Beijing, Chengdu, Shandong, Northeast, Northwest)

4. Long-distance factory relocation

Rich experience, professional deployment, and good cooperative relations with many brother companies. In order to fully protect the interests of our customers and provide customers with long-distance factory relocation services, we have signed transportation agreements with customers and acted as insurance agents. In case of cargo damage or poor cargo,

5. Transportation of dangerous chemicals

The company has all kinds of dangerous goods transportation vehicles, professional deployment and transportation, and all kinds of dangerous goods certificates are complete.

Our company pays the corresponding losses without compensation in accordance with the insurance agreement.

Six, less than carload transportation

Relying on Feiyuan Logistics' complete business outlets, professional transportation team, and advanced logistics equipment, it undertakes road transportation of small quantities of goods from Guangzhou to all parts of the country, and provides you with 24-hour real, safe, efficient and caring services.

Seven, warehousing services

For trade-oriented companies with warehousing needs, our company provides goods warehousing 'butler-style' services to manage the delivery, storage, storage, and packaging of goods for customers, reducing customers' operating costs and time, and allowing customers to concentrate on market development , Be a strong backing for customers. When it is necessary to ship, the customer only needs to notify our company by phone or fax, and the goods will be sent directly from our warehouse to all parts of the country.

8. Packaging Service

Packaging service is the provision of packaging materials and packaging services in order to ensure the safety of customers' goods and prevent the goods from being damaged, deformed or lost during transportation. In order to ensure the safety and convenience of long-distance transportation of goods, our company provides services such as packaging in wooden boxes of different sizes that are easy to transport, pallets that are easy to load and unload, and stretch film that is convenient for goods.

9. Transportation of exhibits

Exhibit transportation refers to the transportation of the items that customers need to exhibit from Guangzhou to the destination to participate in the exhibition for exhibition or to conduct national tour exhibitions. Our company handles the transportation of exhibits in the Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Northeast and Midwest regions for many years.
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