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Logistics is still a problem of electricity _VIPUTRANS southeast Asia

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-18
Although Indonesia e-commerce growth rate over the past five years the most strong, up to 10. 3%, but the transport logistics is still the biggest challenge, 36% of consumers complained about the transport logistics experiences. Parcel and Perform iPrice Group, a new survey shows that, the survey was in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand more than 80000 consumers. The survey shows that 35% of consumers continue to see logistics as the biggest problems in electronic commerce. More than 90% of customer complaints and negative response related to late delivery or lack of communication transportation state. Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, by contrast, consumers are more satisfied with their transportation logistics. In each package delivery process, the connection between the consumer and package delivery company times the average of 4. 6 times, this process is enhanced after purchase unforgettable good time shopping experience. By enhancing buy after shopping experience, it will be a way of online shopping consumer confidence increased by 40%. Due to the choice of online shopping is becoming more and more and the consumers of southeast Asia in terms of buying time and way of buying more and more selective. Selectively to compare the price of a few electric business platform, and also speed up the transportation speed. ; After buying goods transport state transparent, sellers will gain the trust of the buyer during the transit. ” IPrice Group content marketing director Jeremy Chew said. The following is found: 1, faster delivery to customer satisfaction with the increase of transport time, every period of customer satisfaction ( 4 ~ 5 degree of satisfaction) Reduce 10 ~ 15%. Parcel transportation time and the relationship between customer satisfaction, rapid, timely and responsive service for e-commerce is still very important. Consumers have to wait for 3 in Indonesia. Eight days to receive their package, Thailand's fastest package delivery rate was 2. 5 days. 2, southeast Asia 34% of consumers are not satisfied with the current transportation service 30 ~ 40% of consumers are not satisfied with the delivery service ( Satisfaction with 1 ~ 2) , transportation quality greatly influenced consumers' satisfaction and revenue. Because customer satisfaction is the key to loyalty, optimization of transportation experience is very important to increase the income of the customers get. 3, positive communication with customers and meet the delivery time is expected to improve customer satisfaction, customer expectations of transportation can be more active communication and delivery status updates to management, most 1/5 is associated with a lack of communication during the transportation. Consumers want regular shipment notification and delivery status updates and must meet the expected delivery date. Take steps to manage communication process after the purchase is operators to improve transportation experience and help the seller the opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. 37. 22% of the consumer complaints because of delays in delivery; 32. 59% because transportation time is not in line with expectations; There are 16. 11% because not satisfied after-sales service. 4, electricity can be expected delivery date mark package to improve its logistics data further analysis showed that most have; Estimated delivery date & throughout; Data of electricity is a local electrical contractor, southeast Asia, domestic electricity can take this opportunity to estimate the delivery date to improve its logistics data, so as to improve customer satisfaction. 5, more than 90% of complaints and customer's negative response related to transportation time and delay delivery of the goods in the package delivery status, lack of communication, in southeast Asia, consumers praise is usually short, consumers often like to use emoticons. On the contrary, bad review will be more detailed, more comprehensive and more emotional.
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