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Logistics abroad, how to avoid all kinds of risks?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Immigration logistics to go abroad, naturally choose international logistics lp, but as a result of numerous international logistics lp, on the market from personnel of course of complex, and related management regulations and the lack of experience to consumers, not in time to the international logistics lp disputes between consumers and continuously, so our logistics abroad how to avoid all kinds of risks? The first: choose one of the international logistics lp will choose to have formal first qualification of international logistics lp, the company has good service, good quality, reliable price. The company the more formal, more can avoid damage to the goods in transit. Even if the damage is inevitable, but it can be minimized. Even with such a company, there have been some problems between can better and faster solution, is conducive to protect the corresponding rights and interests of consumers. Second: related services contracts when choosing the international logistics service, be sure to conclude a contract for the relevant services. Be clear in the contract, party a and party b's responsibility, right and obligation, and to make clear a regulation, a default shall be liable to, in case of damage or loss items how to compensation, if there are other additional fees in the process of service. In this way, can effectively avoid due to the unclear verbal agreement unnecessary disputes, even if wrong, rights and interests of both sides can be guaranteed in time, according to the can depend on. Third: the valuables packing sealing in advance before ready to logistics, should try to classify the item early packing, packaging, and number written on the box, so that check when handling handling, so as not to fuss about lost things. For precious perishable goods, should be in front of the sealing by mutual check again after sealing, if conditions permit, the best are physical pictures, transportation to arrive together again after open view, lest appear damaged items is difficult to say clear responsibility dispute. In addition, to check the valuables recommends buying hedge risk or risk of carriage and so on commercial insurance for risk prevention.
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