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Let Data Lead the Way to Optimization - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-03
Big Data, Supply Chain, VisibilityUsing intelligent, actionable information, we work alongside our customers to proactively meet their own customers' needs.Chris Hoffmeister, Executive Vice President of Account Management, Hub GroupWe're in an era where supply chain information is critical, and it's far more than letting consumers know when their packages will arrive. It's about having comprehensive insights into what's occurring throughout your supply chain 24/7/365, as well as the ability and flexibility to make both proactive and on-the-fly plan adjustments.This is enabled by technology that offers up-to-the-minute data and end-to-end visibility. Advanced technology brings these benefits and more:The ability to track products throughout the lifecycle of the supply chainVisibility at multiple touchpoints on freight—all the way from a manufacturer to a retail store or a consumer's home—is vital for making supply chain decisions and adjustments.There's no more, "Hey, we need to do this over the next 18 months." It's now, "What can we do over the next two weeks (or sooner) to adjust to this change?" Even as the volume of e-commerce purchases continues to grow, buyers are getting a much narrower delivery window than they were just five years ago. The only way to provide more accurate ETAs is by using technology, data, and touchpoints to track product throughout its entire lifecycle. These insights allow for better planning and flexibility when circumstances change.Operational efficienciesOur continuous improvement team is always coming up with new ways to drive costs and inefficiencies out of our customers' networks and enhance how we conduct business. Technology ranging from our paperless cab, which reduces the amount of paperwork a driver has to interact with, to integrated systems that simultaneously improve order visibility and processing time, helps our customers, our suppliers, and our own business.Additionally, our investments in in-cab technology and GPS units in containers have improved equipment utilization. This advantage was apparent in 2018 when capacity was tight: We were able to turn our equipment faster, which was a big win for our customers.Improved decision-makingManufacturers and retailers are no longer satisfied with only knowing "Did my load arrive on time?" By constantly fine-tuning our data collection processes and feeding analytical data into advanced forecasting models, we can provide much more.Using intelligent, actionable information from these models, we work alongside our customers to proactively meet their own customers' needs today, and in the future. Fully optimized supply chain intelligence is critical for anticipating and responding to demands as quickly and efficiently as possible.Knowledge Translates to EfficiencyUnderstanding our customers' needs allows us to create optimal solutions to meet those demands. Better insights into what our customers need, combined with the wider picture we're capturing from thousands of data points, enable us to work even more effectively.The more we know, the better we are positioned to pull the right levers to avoid delays, help customers keep inventories at the right levels, position assets where needed, and more.
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