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How to operate from Shanghai logistics to Australia

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Many Australian immigrants want to ship furniture or other things from Shanghai to Australia, but to a large extent they don’t know how to ship it, or whether it can be shipped. The following editor of VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics mainly talks about how to operate Australia from domestic sea freight. 1. First of all, you must confirm what the goods you are shipping and whether they can be shipped to Australia: (1) Goods can be carried 1. Furniture, beds, solid wood tables, chairs, sofas, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, etc. are generally acceptable Consignment 2. Household appliances, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and small household appliances are all acceptable. Note that the refrigeration household appliances require the refrigerant model to be R600a. 3. Daily necessities. Clothes, toys, tableware, tableware, etc. can all be checked!! (2) Goods that cannot be carried 1. Liquid, powder, and batteries, such as laundry detergent, shower gel, flour, cosmetics, electric vehicles 2 . Transportation. Motorcycles, electric vehicles, cars, etc., bicycles can be transported 3, flammable and explosive, involving religious beliefs, pornographic books, and large amounts of cash are not transportable. 2. Choose the mode of transportation according to the volume of goods: cargo u003c20 It is recommended to ship bulk cargo to the door by sea; if the cargo is more than 20 cubic meters, it is recommended to pack the container to the door by sea, and choose the type of container according to the actual square quantity. 20GP: The inner size is 5.69 meters X 2.13 meters X 2.18 meters, the gross weight of the distribution is generally 17.5 tons, and the volume is 24-26 cubic meters. 40GP: The internal volume is 11.8 meters X 2.13 meters X 2.18 meters, distribution The gross weight is generally 22 tons, and the volume is 54 cubic meters. 40HQ: The inner size is 11.8 meters X 2.13 meters X 2.72 meters. The gross weight of the distribution is generally 22 tons, and the volume is 68 cubic meters. 1. The customs clearance methods for new goods and old goods are different. The information required by the consignee is as follows: (1) New goods: only need to provide the goods packing list + Australia passport + driving * driving * certificate, other customs clearance The document certificate is made by our company, one-stop door-to-door service, the consignee only needs to wait at home to receive the goods. (2) Old cargo: China to Australia immigration logistics only needs to provide your passport, immigration visa or green card and cargo packing list. At that time, our Australian colleagues will complete the customs clearance documents, and then take you to the customs to answer a few simple questions The question shows that this batch of goods can be shipped to Australia from domestic logistics. After the customs inspects whether the outer packaging of the goods has been used for more than one year, it will be tax-free and can be delivered the next day. 2. Note: (1) The old goods of private immigration logistics can enjoy the duty-free policy, but the customs inspection of goods will be added, and the whole container will be calculated separately. (2) The above quotation is delivered to your door within 30 kilometers (excluding unloading). The tariff and GST tax at the port of destination are not included. Our company can pay the tariff and GST tax on your behalf. The product code and value are required. 3. International logistics shipping process 1. Confirm the mode of transportation and offer online consultation on international logistics related matters. Our customer service staff will tailor the international logistics plan for you, provide the destination country customs policy consultation and item packaging suggestions, etc., and then choose according to your choice Services for quotation. 2. Evaluate and measure the volume After confirming to accept the consultation, our company will arrange a business specialist to come to measure the volume free of charge and calculate the shipping and arrival time suitable for your items, and calculate an accurate quotation based on the details of your consigned items. 3. After confirming the order and on-site packaging, after confirming the order, sign the 'International Logistics Carriage ContractDoor-to-door packaging service, professional packaging team, skilled business specialists and supervisors bring special packaging materials and tools to provide professional packaging for your items. The operator will declare your personal belongings at the customs of the port of shipment according to the documents and 'packing list' provided by you, and will notify you by mail after the customs declaration is completed. Within three days after sailing, the shipping company that booked your space will issue a 'Ocean Bill of Lading. 4. Customs clearance and delivery at the port of destination Depending on the service item you choose, the service form of the port of destination will be different. 4. Points for Attention 1. Personal belongings/old furniture declared for tax exemption will be 100% inspected. (Australian Customs will unpack all commodities for inspection) 2. To be tax-exempt, the importer needs to have a temporary residence visa/permanent visa/or an Australian passport, and must have lived in the country for at least 6 months in the past two years. If it takes too long, the tax exemption application may be rejected. 3. Personal goods/furniture, only those purchased for more than one year can meet the requirements for importing as duty-free items. According to customs regulations, items within one year should be taxed as normal imports. 4. Some requirements for fumigation of wooden goods: (1 ) Wooden packaging must not have bark and mildew. (2) The fumigated goods must be shown in detail on the fumigation certificate. Note: After fumigation, the goods will not be damaged, and there will be a little peculiar smell (usually it will dissipate after 10 days). For goods that have not been fumigated, the customs will repatriate or Destroyed on the spot and fined
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