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How to choose FBA head logistics? From which aspects to analyze: Shenzhen Amazon training

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-28
Different freight forwarders have different advantages. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages between them is our best choice. As Amazon sellers, most of them will choose to use FBA to deliver goods, because it saves time and effort and the platform can also give more traffic support. Of course, we all need to use FBA to ship to Amazon warehouse. However, when many sellers first shipped, they found one on the Internet, or introduced one through a friend, and they have been using this one since then, whether it is express delivery, empty delivery or shipping. If there is no serious problem in the middle, it will not be changed. However, what I want to suggest today is that we must have at least three or more cooperative freight forwarders. Why? Because different freight forwarders have different advantages, some freight forwarders have price advantages in air transportation in the United States, some freight forwarders have customs clearance advantages in Japan, and some freight forwarders can use your VAT to tax independently in Europe. If there is a freight forwarder who can gather all these advantages, he may be the industry leader, but the actual situation is that there is no such a cow force company at present. Therefore, we must have at least three or more cooperative freight forwarders, and we must compare the advantages and disadvantages between them. For example: 1. Compared with the price of the same route, not all freight forwarders are first-hand dealers, so the price will be different. Sometimes there is only a difference of one or two dollars, but if you ship more, this is not a small fee. But sometimes the difference will be very big. For example, I used to send a ticket to Mexico. The freight forwarder who has been cooperating with me has quoted me a price of 70 yuan per kilogram, and I have to charge 500 yuan for the use of my tax number. However, the price of another freight forwarder is only one kilogram in 56 yuan, which is a difference of 14 yuan. In addition, the prices of different channels with the same time limit will also vary. For example, DHL and UPS Red orders may have the same time limit, but the prices reported by different freight forwarders may be different. Therefore, before we ship, we must calculate the best price, especially before sending to a new market. How to choose FBA head logistics? From which aspects to analyze: Shenzhen Amazon training. Jpg 2. Comparing the timeliness of the same route, when we deliver goods, sometimes we are in a hurry to replenish the goods, sometimes we stock up for the peak season, and the requirements for timeliness will be different. The logistics resources held by different freight forwarders will also be different, thus resulting in different time limits. No matter whether our own demand is fast or slow, we must know in advance the time limit of different freight forwarding companies in different channels, so that we can be prepared and calm when we need to use it. 3. Comparing the customs clearance capabilities of different freight forwarders, especially in European countries, the customs clearance capabilities of freight forwarders are particularly important. European countries are much stricter than the United States in customs clearance, so from time to time there will be problems with goods that cannot be cleared. However, capable freight forwarders can clear the goods through their resources. However, some forwarders who are only responsible for receiving and delivering goods do not have this ability. Once they are detained by the Customs, the forwarder can only let the seller find someone to handle it. Although there are many customs clearance companies outside, there are also many service fees charged by people. Therefore, the size of customs clearance capability is also what we need to compare. 4. Compare the account periods given by different freight forwarders. When the price, timeliness and customs clearance capacity are similar, we also need to compare the account periods that the freight forwarders can give. For a seller doing business, the health of cash flow is also crucial. The account period given by different freight forwarding companies will be different, and some requirements are now ( When your goods arrive at the freight forwarding warehouse, you have to pay) Some are paid to the FBA warehouse, some are monthly, and some are Quarterly. Of course, when you first cooperate with a freight forwarding company, the general account period will not be too long. With the deepening of cooperation, we can talk according to the actual situation. How long the account period will be given to you, and how much you ship each time, the frequency of delivery per month is related. Of course, it is also related to your negotiation ability. There are many other details that need us to compare, such as the service attitude of the delivery personnel, the attitude of the customer service personnel, and the attitude of the financial personnel. After all, the freight forwarding company is a service company for the seller. We have the right and the right to make serious comparisons. Whoever has a higher comprehensive score, we will choose who, after all, they are fair competition. Therefore, when we are still in the off season and not too busy, it is necessary for us to contact more freight forwarders. This is the resource we must master and needs to be continuously optimized. Only the freight forwarder who is most suitable for each other is our best choice.
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