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How to buy a new furniture duty-free shipped to Canada?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
How many new immigrants, domestic purchase of new Chinese style furniture can be shipped to Canada and don't have to pay duties are very concern. For this problem, a VIPU international logistics Supply Chain according to many years of experience in the personal belongings of service solution for you, how to buy a new furniture duty-free shipped to Canada? First, the status in conformity with the personal items can be shipped to Canada, these are: Canada home residents, foreign residents holding a temporary visa and permanent visa, new immigrants, students, diplomats, etc. Second, how to get the new furniture in the past? Although Canada customs regulation personal items must have and use more than one year, however, if you want the new furniture and other goods shipped in the past, we will provide the packaging service: down the original packaging, and then by the professional packaging materials of our company, so that can be used to declare personal belongings, and does not need to pay custom duty. Why the packing, because when the customs check goods, if found to be the original packaging, customs last, so need to pay high tariffs and the consumption tax, will face the risk of being fined, third, note 1 new furniture shipped to Canada, generally speaking, if there is a mattress and personal belongings is don't need to be fumigated wooden furniture, if the packing material contains the log, you need fumigation, there will be fumigation fee to produce 2, Canada customs clearance need to the customs for the interview in person consultation, general interview questions such as how long have you lived abroad, whether your items using for more than a year the problem such as, specific how to operate, customs clearance at the port of destination agent nature will be good to communicate with you. 3, if your item is less advice LCL, if the item is more, can choose FCL transport.
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