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How long does it take by air Courier to France?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-16
Sent to the Courier can through Europe express line, four major international express and EMS to send. Express line the European special line to provide door to door delivery service, aging fast, cheap, the advantages of the customs clearance smoothly. About 5 - China to Europe 7 working days. European special line of the main countries are France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, etc. Four big four international Courier DHL international express delivery to Europe has the advantage of speed, Europe generally three working days. TNT to Western Europe faster, generally is about 3 working days. FEDEX to European price comparison advantage. On prices in general, 5. DHL is cheaper, 5 kg of the following goods under 6 kg to 21 kg is much cheaper than DHL, UPS, 21 kg to 100 kg of cargo DHL is much cheaper than UPS. EMSEMS clearance ability is strong, the price is relatively cheap, but time can't guarantee, suit to save freight cost and does not require the limitation of the goods. French tariff rates European eu tariffs threshold is 22 euros, non-eu countries in Europe need to specific queries. Comprehensive tariffs: VAT = ( Value ( Declare to the customs) + shipping + DUTY), ×19%的关税= ( 70% value + freight) X product rate of the French customs regulation is European countries need to pay special attention to customs clearance for CE certification, low declare to check more strict. Choose supplier certification is complete as far as possible. To declare truthfully the declared value, otherwise the customs check to shut up is easy to cause the goods was detained or shipped back, or even produce high fines.
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