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How from domestic purchases shipped abroad?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Now more and more people like to buy all kinds of commodities on the Internet, including electrical big-ticket items such as furniture, it is not too convenient for people, but for compatriots in exotic locales, there may be some trouble, this body in overseas Chinese, from the domestic online shopping goods shipped abroad? 1, to find an international logistics lp find a credible international logistics lp, these international logistics lp set a variety of well-known international Courier, such as the four major international express, international EMS, etc. , and then according to the course of destination countries, customs, aging etc, to carry on the reasonable assignment using appropriate manner to transport, so for the average person, it is very convenient. 2, after shipment goods sure good international logistics lp is identified, and their staff sure to shipment of goods, such as you ship the goods brand, properties, characteristics, and so on. In many of the online purchase goods in domestic transport can be clear, but will involve customs between the two countries in international transport problems, and the safety of the transportation, etc. , and not all things can be shipped, such as electronic products with battery, fur products, food, medicine, etc. , these belong to sensitive products in the international express delivery, basically hard to shipment. 3, send online articles to the international logistics lp after good articles online purchase, you can directly to the international logistics lp in domestic warehouse address as the shipping address, receiving, inspection, and on his behalf by them if no questions, they will be according to the situation to reinforce the packing, such as custom-made wooden box packaging, to ensure that the goods will not damage in the process of transportation. 4, providing foreign address information you need to put yourself in a foreign country the recipient of the information such as name, travel documents, detailed address, zip code, provides to the international logistics lp, so that they can put the goods in accordance with your demand in a timely manner to your home. Here it is important to note that information to fill in language is English, and need the detailed address, contact information, the information such as name, otherwise it will appear after the parcel arrived in the destination country, end send failure, and so on and so forth. Also can consult international logistics lp, understand the specific information to fill in. 5, foreign goods after receive the goods, make sure of the goods, if there is any damage, such as lack of, if any problem, must be timely and preserve evidence, so that the claim later on. Overall, although online shopping goods and shipped to overseas although looks complicated, but as long as the right international logistics lp, and the domestic online shopping don't have much difference.
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