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Home should be how to deal with excess luggage?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Take a plane to return the most troubling is baggage, almost everyone in luggage overweight embarrassment, for most people, 23 - baggage allowance international routes 32 kg is not enough. So, back luggage overweight? Method one: choose the luggage limit high some airlines flight for free checked baggage lines and more than double billing tend to have more options, such as the lines to Europe, Oceania, Japan, etc. It is known that different airline carry-on rules is different, in addition to the number and size of hand luggage is specified, the weight of the checked baggage rules also have different, so under the premise of considering the flight time, price, also can take into consideration of the airlines overweight luggage fees in advance. Method 2: to become a member of the airline, if you are members of the airline frequent flyer program, and reached a certain level, you can through the membership, get more baggage than ordinary passenger lines. So if the conditions are right, it is suggested that priority on common airlines flight. Method 3: online in advance the excess can be discounted if confirmed before we start your excess baggage, can also through the online booking in advance the amount of luggage, for airlines to give a special discount. Low-cost airlines such as air Asia is regulation, all need to pay extra baggage, but if you can when buying tickets in advance online baggage limits, so than save up to 20% of the check in counter. Method four: through the international Courier repatriated if in checked baggage, finally calculate the excess baggage charge is higher than the value of the luggage itself, then choose international express directly, sometimes use international Courier luggage return from abroad will be more cheaper and safer than the plane check, cost can save 50% or more. Can also use some international logistics lp, they offer is 30% to 50% of the international express company. Method 5: choose by sea LCL if more than 2 cubic home luggage, then you can consider to international shipping LCL, suitable for a large number of goods ( Should be in 3 - usually More than 4 cubic meters) Transport, this way don't have to consider the weight and volume of the luggage, and the cost is relatively cheaper, this means that you spend relatively low amount and can be shipped more luggage home. But the shipping process is much more complicated operation, general process includes: inquiry, order warehouse, etc. there, pay the freight to receive the bill of lading, destination for bill of lading, customs clearance, pick up the goods, so suggest looking for a international logistics lp by the spectrum, entrust them to complete the various operations. Here it is important to note that the shipping way is slow in time, usually need to 20 days a month or so, if you don't try so hard, the luggage such as non seasonal clothing, kitchen supplies, household items, bicycles, simple furniture, piano, etc. , can choose the shipping way back home. Warm prompt, baggage, in order to ensure transportation safety, especially put forward the following packing suggestion: inside the parcel, please ensure full of goods, in order to avoid goods damage incurred by the transportation in the process of sliding, fragile goods, please use soft padding around the buffer. 2, the valuables such as monitor, game consoles, it is recommended to use the original box the original buffer packaging. 3, suggest not to cosmetics and liquid goods in the checked luggage, prevent pollution after extrusion, parcel of other items. 4, please take seriously your bags and waybill no post up and away from the box and back 5 largely means your parcel, you can use the old box, before use, please check the box to see if there is any breakage, and remove all labels on the original box. 6, don't carry any contraband.
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