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From domestic furniture shipped to Chicago, choosing logistics lp need to consider what aspects?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
From the domestic logistics to Chicago, a lot of people is not so much to choose logistics lp, feel almost every company's services, so that caused in the process of logistics for many vexed trouble thing. In fact international logistics lp although many, but most of these companies main business is the international logistics and international freight, service also differ in thousands ways, if you want to get good service, so at the time of choosing logistics lp, will have to be careful. Below VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for everyone to say, from domestic furniture shipped to Chicago, choosing logistics lp need to consider what aspects? 1, the service quality of logistics lp: professional personal belongings during transport or passenger and cargo on the market a lot of logistics lp's main industry is export agent transport goods, lack of focus on the international logistics industry, the operating mode is only to the customer's personal belongings after simple packaging and other goods LCL shipment together, result in a lot of valuables are susceptible to damage, also pay additional tariffs. Professional international logistics lp focus on personal items to transport, have a standard packaging process of packing box packaging materials, once again, to reinforce the outer packing, to avoid any damage to goods further. 2, logistics lp no professional service: can you provide detailed information about the international logistics international logistics lp the personnel of the service to the logistics of each link, the local conditions and customs and the customs policy of America is very understanding, can cause a lot of relevance to the customer Suggestions, and according to the scheduling and the needs of customers, suggest the customer to choose a reasonable way shipment. The international freight forwarder can only provide simple logistics information consulting. 3, logistics lp service process: personal belongings in the packing and shipping is door to door service professional international logistics lp is a very detailed a packaging process, item category classify clear, classification and make list. Consignor and international freight company asks his delivering goods packaging good shipping company warehouse to shipment, generally only provide port to port or port to door service. 4, logistics lp clearance way: international logistics standard clearance delivery service or trade customs clearance delivery service. Professional international logistics lp has close cooperative partners, in the United States for standard service: deal with goods duty-free customs clearance, will deliver goods to customers at home and put in place, dismantle packaging, remove rubbish, assemble, furniture and other one-stop services. The international freight forwarder is likely to be the customer clearance in the form of trade of goods, it can produce high tariffs, distribution is only to the downstairs, does not provide services such as discharge.
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