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Friends in trouble, friendship forever, Shenyang

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-16

China Civil Aviation Network correspondents Jin Qishun and Wang Quan reported: 'The Liaohe River is snow-melting and the Fushan flowers are blooming; the same spirit keeps branching, and we look forward to spring together; On March 8, Shenyang Airport Logistics Company successfully completed the task of safeguarding epidemic prevention materials donated by the Shenyang Municipal Government to Sapporo and Kawasaki, Japan.

On the morning of March 7, Shenyang Airport Logistics Company received the notice that the Shenyang municipal government was about to send donated materials to Sapporo and Kawasaki, Japan. The company leaders attached great importance to it and immediately carried out careful deployment of various guarantees. The transportation is the first batch of relief materials that Shenyang went out to assist other countries. The logistics company has opened the green channel from storage to installation. Quickly provide collection and transportation inventory services for masks, protective clothing and other materials to ensure that the packaging outside the rescue materials is intact. Quickly confirm the customs release information based on the data of the electronic declaration form to ensure that the load balancing requirements of the China Southern Airlines flight loading department and the arrival of the destination station can be prioritized quickly Unloading the aircraft, the logistics company organized an in-field installation specialist to guarantee the loading and unloading task at 5 a.m. on March 8, to ensure that the donated materials can complete the loading and unloading of the cargo on time and avoid squeezing with other goods and luggage. .

The epidemic prevention materials donated by the Shenyang Municipal Government totaled 53 pieces, 540 kg. Including 20,000 disposable masks, 5,000 N95 masks, 1000 sets of protective clothing, etc. On the packaging of the donated materials, there are two paragraphs of messages: 'Rose azalea clusters, deep roots of Yousong Camellia tea' 'To help each other and overcome the difficulties together'. It fully expresses the deep friendship between my country and Japan in the need of suffering and mutual help.

In the previous stage, our country has just begun to be attacked by the new coronavirus, and many provinces and cities have been poisoned. The Japanese government and Japanese people have shown a love of boundlessness, and they have extended their help to our country without hesitation and donated A large amount of anti-epidemic materials to support China, we will not forget this kind of friendship, nor can we forget that today we will return to them with the same action. 'There are more icing on the cake, and it is more valuable to send charcoal in the snow.'

During the epidemic, Shenyang Airport Logistics Company will, as always, do its best to ensure the transportation of donated materials at home and abroad, provide high-quality, fast, efficient, and thoughtful air ground transportation support services for cargo owners, passengers, and airlines. Transportation escort.
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