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freight rates for select products hiked

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-27
Although passenger fares have not increased, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu proposed to increase the freight charges for some of the goods.
Coal freight will increase by 6. 3 per cent.
For iron ore, it will rise by 2.
7%, cement and steel press 0. 8 per cent.
Freight charges for urea and grain transportation will also rise by 10 per cent.
After the drop in diesel prices, freight is not expected to increase.
At his press conferencebudget, Mr.
Prabhu played down the increase in freight charges.
He explained that this was done to rationalize tariffs on different commodities.
\"You will see some commodity prices fall and some prices rise.
The cost of long-distance transportation will be reduced.
\"It will have a negligible impact,\" he said . \".
However, there was a strong reaction to the move to increase freight charges. “The 6.
A 30 rise in coal freight will weaken a range of industries and will not coordinate with the Indian manufacturing spirit.
Follow 0.
Steel freight rose by 8 percentage points, a double blow that could have been avoided, \"said JSPL Ravi Uppal, MD and group CEO.
\"This could affect plans by rail companies to stop their share of the freight market from falling.
This may further increase the freight-à-
\"For passenger prices,\" said Vishwa udjkar, senior director of Deloitte India.
\"The overall impact of rising freight on cement and coal is expected to be Rs.
20/ton, is Re. 1/bag.
We believe in the impact of Rs. 20/tonne or Re.
Considering the average total cost of Rs, 1/bag is very marginal.
The price of the main participants was 4,000/ton, \"Karvy analyst Vijay Goel said in a study.
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