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Fragile mail abroad to do to prevent breakage

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Fragile mailed to foreign countries, because in the process of transportation will be the impact of the human factors and human factors, lead to items to the hands of the consignee will break phenomenon, so in order to ensure the safety of the goods, we pay special attention when packing. So we should be how to operate to ensure that fragile intact mailed to abroad? VIPU Supply Chain international edition integrated packaging check in fragile experience for many years, puts forward the following Suggestions for your reference. Chance to reduce the damage to the fragile, only in the packaging work, tell everyone fragile under the packaging of note: 1, fragile packaging need buffer packaging materials for buffering, common cushioning packaging materials, air bags, foam packaging, styrofoam, pearl cotton, gas column bag, kraft paper, cushion, etc. , different packaging material has its advantages, users should choose according to the characteristics of existing products to packaging materials. 2, fragile goods transport packaging the key is to allow its fixed in the packing, don't appear too much shaking, reduce collision, while the fragile boxes need to isolate with bubble pad, don't collide with each other's situation, in the packaging cushion on the shop in the bubble cushion, journey bumpy items extrusion is collision between the bubble cushion, greatly reduces the impact effect on the items. Matters so express delivery packing in addition to using buffer protection at the same time to ensure the tightness of contents, fill the air pocket space used to fill in the oven, make the product in the trunk will not shake, reduce collision damage products, in addition, must be in the surface of the box labeled fragile, used to prompt express handling personnel it is fragile, be careful handling. Fragile label it is best to express box with six surface, and to put in the striking position, can let a person noticed at first sight. Abroad the following is our mail about fragile process 1, fragile post abroad, according to the checked the weight of the personal items, items, categories, send a city, to reach the information such as country, VIPU Supply Chain international customer service staff will provide you with economic, suitable for international shipping mode and route. 2, VIPU Supply Chain international customer service will fill in the information and notice to you, for you to fill out the 'personal belongings in a power of attorney', 'packing list' and so on, can be directly scanning, fax or email VIPU Supply Chain. 3, after receipt of the submitted information, clear the specific time send box address and send box after, will arrange VIPU Supply Chain international agency free door-to-door to box. Then, we will provide free packaging material to you, save you time of packaging materials. At the same time, professional packaging materials can let luggage when sent abroad to get more security protection. 4, fragile post abroad, one day in advance booking VIPU Supply Chain, we will arrange the agent the door closed box. To ensure the safe and quick shipment of goods, all goods all set up in Beijing as a starting point. 5, for receipt and you are ready to mail to the foreign VIPU Supply Chain to the weight and volume of the consignment shop for actual weighing and measuring, and can photograph objects, issued by the list of goods delivery. 6, through the international express delivery items will be sent to the recipient's destination abroad, and will provide the international Courier number to, can be directly in the international express official web site, or in VIPU Supply Chain international website online dynamic tracking information query the parcel to abroad.
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