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Four dimensions to accelerate the construction

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-28
The new round of opening-up policies issued by our city clearly put forward the implementation of key development plans for air cargo. So, how will our city build an international air cargo hub? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Port and Logistics Office that with the purpose of accelerating the construction of Chengdu’s national-level international aviation hub and further promoting the development of Chengdu’s air cargo, the Municipal Port and Logistics Office has recently conducted investigations at the cargo terminal of Shuangliu International Airport and related relevant information. The unit had an exchange discussion. After the investigation, the Municipal Port Logistics Office proposed to continue to work hard to build the Chengdu International Air Cargo Hub from four aspects, and use the four dimensions simultaneously to help build the western international gateway hub and the inland open highland at a high level, and accelerate the promotion of Chengdu's national level Construction of an international aviation hub.

   The first is to accelerate the construction of air cargo route network. The Municipal Port Logistics Office stated that it will further strengthen the interconnection with important domestic freight hub airports to form a wide-coverage and high-density domestic freight route system. At the same time, it will further strengthen the industrial connection, relying on the logistics demand of local finished products and the advantages of designated aviation ports to build an aviation hub transiting through Chengdu to the important consumer market in the country.

   The second is to actively introduce base cargo airlines. Actively introduce well-known international and domestic all-cargo base aviation and air express companies, and support the establishment of cargo base airlines; give flight training awards to airlines that newly open regular international all-cargo aircraft routes, and give special support to strategic international air cargo routes. Encrypted flights on international all-cargo aircraft scheduled cargo routes will be given financial incentives for market development expenses under the premise that the route does not achieve one flight per day.

   The third is to strive to improve the service level of the airport cargo terminal. Strengthen the construction of air cargo informatization, and strive to build an air cargo information platform that integrates information from joint inspection units at ports, airlines, freight forwarders and other units. The status of cargo can be traced from the source and whereabouts; strive to improve transfer and collection capabilities, continue Improve the service quality of cargo terminal to air-ground transit cargo, and further provide convenience for freight forwarding and branch airport to collect and distribute cargo through Chengdu Airport.

   The fourth is to optimize the customs clearance process to support the development of e-commerce. Strengthen the comparison with domestic urban cargo terminal service charges, suggest further lowering the cargo disposal fee standard and enhance the competitiveness of ports; actively support the development of e-commerce, balance the situation of small air inbound cargo and large outbound cargo through e-commerce sources, and continue to explore New growth point of Chengdu air cargo logistics.
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