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For the first time in Canada B4 form how to fill in

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Many new immigrants customers know, Canada is there will be a tax exemption to private goods into Canada. This opportunity requires we landed in Canada for the first time, the customs at the airport tax exemption application form fill in Canada, fill in after the completion of the airport customs will cover a chapter in the table you can then your goods can be shipped to Canada, why we are here to do important tips? In the process of actual operation, we often encounter customers to fill in B4 form, but Canada customs or the requirements of article has carried on the tax, is this why? 1, incomplete B4 form: these customers tend to be in the first time to fill in B4 form customer, the customer only when complete B4 form to fill in the carry-on articles of the, don't will write in the future logistics needs, ( Items such as only wrote clothes, jewelry, etc, are not in the future will bring the past furniture, kitchen supplies, etc. Write) in So Canada customs will only to form some goods duty-free, no items will impose tariffs. 2, immigration time is too long: free is the preferential policies for new immigrants, generally according to our experience, new immigrants larger opportunities for duty-free, 3 - The opportunity of 5 years and can be exempt, 5 years old immigrants generally won't duty-free. Here remind situation we need to address one of the guests, if you filled out the B4 form, be sure to tell you plan to transport the goods to fill in full, such as clothing, bedding, kitchen supplies, household appliances, furniture, from beds, books, wardrobe, table, chair, etc. , even fill out after you finally no transportation, there will be no impact for you. In addition we need to remind you that for the first time transport to accept the customs information, general customs can ask you in the process of inquiring whether the follow-up and items to be shipped to Canada, if you really have this idea, it must tell the customs, the subsequent have goods to shipment, for what reason? You didn't shipped out this time, the customs will be covered in your B4 form a chapter not shipped out, says not shipped out, the form back to you, otherwise the customs will be at the end of the table cover a chapter, said after you will no longer transport goods, take you form, means that you later won't free transport. Many new immigrants clients know, Canada is there will be an exemption to the opportunity of private goods into Canada, the opportunity to we landed in Canada for the first time, fill in the customs at the airport in Canada tax exemption application form, fill in after the completion of the airport customs will cover a chapter in the table you can then your goods can be shipped to Canada.
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