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Finding the Sweet Spot for Export Resin Weights

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-27
Chemical Logistics, Ocean, WarehousingGulf Winds provided a lightweight equipment solution for a major chemical shipper in Houston, letting the company maximize product loading and achieve significant savings.The ChallengeGulf Winds is constantly working to determine the best solutions for its clients. This consultative approach manifests itself through understanding the unique needs of each customer and never settling for the status quo.For years, Houston export resin containers have been moved in standard weights of 23.375 MT. This weight allows the trucking company to use a permitted Day Cab Tractor and a standard 40-ft. chassis.The chassis is either owned by the trucking company or managed through independent equipment providers (IEP) in conjunction with the steamship line. The weight allows the shipper to load an extra pallet of product, while taking advantage of standard chassis pool equipment. While loading additional weight is good, there is opportunity to maximize the loading patterns and achieve significant savings long term.In 2018, Texas passed a bill that allows for max weights to be hauled within a 30-mile corridor of the container terminal or starting point. While the increased weight savings are available, the bill mandated a specialized lightweight chassis to be used, along with specific safety features on the truck, and an annual $6,000 permit. Although an option, the costs can be prohibitive unless a shipper's volume can offset the price of the permit and equipment.The SolutionIn working with a major chemical company on a unique plan, Gulf Winds was able to present a "middle ground" solution to allow for loading of 24.75 MT (additional pallet of product) at no additional costs. The savings would be achieved on the ocean side, through shipping fewer containers.In this case, the shipper was able to achieve well over six-figure annual savings in total on ocean freight, chassis fees, and labor at their loading warehouse.Months of testing and equipment engineering produced a safe, consistent, and cost-effective solution that was not readily available at this scale in the market.Gulf Winds invested in more than 200 new lightweight chassis and a market-leading dedicated fleet of trucks for the client under a long-term contract to ensure the solution was sustainable.Today, Gulf Winds continues to grow its customized lightweight solutions, such as gwiMax, for resin shippers in the Houston market, regularly achieving weights of up to 27 MT through specialized engineering of equipment and market expertise.To learn more:email: pricing@gwii.comphone: 866-603-3827web: www.gwii.com
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