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FedEx will be severely punished for trying the law

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-25
The police in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China recently received an alarm. A sporting goods company in Fujian received a courier package sent by an American customer carried by the United States Federal Express Company, which contained a gun. This is another serious illegal act discovered by the relevant Chinese authorities after the FedEx legal investigation. China’s timely announcement of the progress of the phased investigation not only responded to public concerns, but also demonstrated its determination to protect user rights and maintain public safety in accordance with the law.

  Guns are dangerous goods with great lethality. China follows strict principles of gun control. Those who violate the 'Guns Management Law of the People's Republic of China' and manufacture, sell or transport guns without permission shall be held criminally responsible. Any courier company and its employees operating in China should abide by the relevant laws and regulations, strictly implement the system of inspection, real-name receipt, and machine security inspection, and do not give offenders the opportunity to take advantage of it, let alone try to become illegal. The transportation channel for gun sales.

   FedEx has entered China for business more than thirty years ago, and should be familiar with Chinese laws and regulations and abide by industry norms. However, since the US government included Huawei in its export control 'entity list' in May this year, FedEx has repeatedly and repeatedly dealt with Huawei's shipments. It is doubtful that it intends to cooperate with the US government. 'Long arm jurisdiction'.

In order to ascertain the truth, protect users’ rights and optimize the business environment in accordance with the law, the relevant Chinese authorities investigated FedEx in accordance with the law on June 1, and sent an inquiry notice to FedEx (China) Co., Ltd. on June 14, July 26 The results of a phased investigation were released on the day, and it was found that FedEx’s statement about the 'misoperation' of transferring Huawei-related shipments to the United States was not consistent with the facts. The company was also suspected of detaining more than 100 Huawei-related express shipments. At the same time, the investigation also found other clues about FedEx's violations.

   FedEx committed crimes during the investigation by the relevant Chinese authorities and illegally carried guns into China. This proves once again: As an American express delivery giant, FedEx's actions seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of users, seriously endanger China's public safety, and violate Chinese laws and regulations. It is not accidental business negligence, but knowing the law. China is a country ruled by law, and no enterprise or individual in China has any extra-legal power. At present, the Fuzhou police have temporarily detained guns illegally transported by FedEx and initiated investigations. FedEx must cooperate with relevant investigations, reflect deeply, and give the public an explanation.

   China's express delivery market is developing rapidly and has great potential. All countries are welcome to invest in development, but the premise is to abide by Chinese laws and regulations, market rules and contract spirit. At present, China has established an 'unreliable entity list' system and will take any necessary legal and administrative measures against listed entities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Foreign companies want to seize development opportunities in the Chinese market, they must operate in compliance with laws and regulations. Any behavior that defies and challenges the authority of Chinese laws and regulations will definitely pay a price. (International sharp commentator source: International Online)
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