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Door-to-door service for LCL bulk cargo by sea

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-18
The door-to-door business of LCL bulk cargo has grown along with the continuous development of the commodity economy. It is relatively unfamiliar to many newbies who are new to LCL for the first time. What is LCL? It means that the shipper is less than a standard The containerized cargo and other similar cargoes are assembled into a standard container by a professional LCL company, and transported by a carrier to the consignee by sea.

VIPUTRANS International Freight Co., Ltd. is based in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and has its own cargo distribution centers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places to provide customers with high-end American shipping bulk cargo clearance with strong professionalism, high experience and good efficiency. Service (door to door service).

   fast aging
   VIPUTRANS cooperates with high-end shipping companies to guarantee the storage space and provide free US air freight import BOND. The US has rich customs clearance experience and fast timeliness, ensuring that customers receive goods in a timely manner.

US LCL Bulk Cargo Door to Door

  Convenient process

Undertake shipping booking, bulk cargo warehousing, customs declaration and inspection agency, document production, warehousing and packaging, etc. One-stop service of US maritime LCL, you only need to provide the goods, packing list (including product name, goods picture, material use , Volume, weight and value) form*, so you can save worry and effort!

   VIPUTRANS logistics company focuses on one-stop service of foreign Amazon transportation services. The company's routes cover all Amazon warehouses, no overseas registration is required. You only need a phone call or an email, and we can safely transport your goods to Amazon warehouses, saving you all the trouble.

VIPUTRANS international logistics, focusing on Amazon FBA first, FBA special line, FBA first air freight, FBA first sea freight, Sino-US special sea freight, U.S. bulk cargo door to door, sea bulk/container, air DDU/DDP and other international Freight forwarding business to create an efficient and fast China-US dedicated line logistics transportation brand.
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