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Document requirements for China Customs to apply for import license

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
As the national economy is getting higher and higher, the living environment of Chinese people is much better than in previous years. Many Chinese who have immigrated overseas for various reasons have chosen to return to China. In recent years, the country has introduced various policies to attract returnees, and the number of returnees is steadily increasing. The phenomenon of returnees has become a trend. Returning to China needs to bring back everything overseas. How to enter the country smoothly has become a problem. China Customs has strict requirements for the inspection of imported goods. Today, the editor will tell you about the document requirements for applying for import licenses through China Customs for various identities. The details are as follows:    Document requirements for import permits applied by China Customs-foreign passport holders 1. Original passport 2. Original 'Foreign Employment Permit' or 'Foreign Expert Certificate' (validity must be more than one year)    3. Original 'Residence for Foreigners' 'Permit' (the limited period must be more than one year)    Note: If the 'Foreign Employment Permit' and 'Foreign Residence Permit' are less than one year old (at least 10 months or more), the customs may require the owner and his employer to provide a copy The situation statement is approved. -Taiwan residents 1. The original 'Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents' (Taiwan Compatriot Permit)    2. The original 'Residence Endorsement for Taiwan Residents' (valid for more than one year)-Hong Kong and Macao residents 1. Original Hong Kong and Macao Resident Identity Card (ID)    2. Original 'Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents' (Return Permit)   3. The original 'Hong Kong, Macao, Overseas Chinese Temporary Residence Permit' (validity must be more than one year)  4. The original 'Hong Kong, Macao, Overseas Chinese Work Permit' (validity must be more than one year)  Note: non-mainland shipper When you come to China, you need to undergo a physical examination and obtain a health certificate issued by the designated inspection and quarantine before you can apply for the 'Foreigner Employment Permit' from the local Human Resources Security Bureau. After obtaining the 'Foreigner's Employment Permit' for the goods, you can apply for the 'Foreigner's Residence Permit' at the local entry and exit bureau. The entire application time may exceed one month. Please note that we can only apply for an import license from the customs after you have obtained the above documents. -Mainland overseas returnees    1. Original passport     2. Arrival airport declaration form     3. Overseas valid work, study, and residence visas (valid for more than one year)     Note: The visa issuing country must be consistent with the country of departure.  4. Original Hukou (Beijing Customs)    Note: Returned mainlanders must strictly control the quantity of cultural articles they carry. China Customs requires that the number of books imported by returnees by sea should be controlled within 50, and the number of DVDu0026CDs should be controlled within 100; the number of imported books by air should be controlled within 30, and the number of DVDu0026CDs should be controlled within 50; in addition, the customs requires the title of the book. , The category of the book to facilitate customs inspection and comparison. 'The People's Republic of China Inbound and Outbound Passenger Baggage and Articles Declaration Form' Under the following circumstances, the owner of the cargo needs to fill in the declaration form at the airport of entry and submit it to the airport customs for signature.  - Imported goods by air  - Imported personal belongings by mainland Chinese returnees by sea   Consignees need to apply for and fill out the original declaration form at the airport of entry, please tick item 6 and then go through the declaration channel. The airport customs will sign and return a page to you. Please keep this original copy and provide it to us for customs clearance. You can request a sample of this form from our sales and customer service staff. Import duties:    If you are importing personal items to China for the first time, and the quantity of personal items you bring is within a reasonable range for your own use, then you will enjoy preferential tax-free policies. However, please note that China Customs stipulates that 20 kinds of goods are not exempt from duty, including: TVs, cameras, video recorders, video players, audio equipment, air conditioners, refrigerators (electric freezers), washing machines, cameras, photocopiers, program-controlled telephone exchanges, Microcomputers and peripherals, telephones, wireless paging systems, fax machines, electronic counters, typewriters and word processors, furniture, lamps and meals. For the specific customs value and tax rate, please consult our sales and customer service staff. Please note that even if these commodities have been used for many years, the customs will only consider their customs value and tax payment is inevitable. In addition, some high-consumer items such as tobacco, alcohol, golf equipment, etc. need to be levied high tariffs of 50% to 100%. Items prohibited from entering the country:   1, various weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives;   2, counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities;   3, printed materials, films, and photos harmful to China's politics, economy, culture, and morals , Records, movies, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items;   4, various potent poisons;   5, opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other addictive narcotic and psychotropic drugs  6, animals, plants and their products with dangerous germs, pests and other harmful organisms;   7, food, medicine or other articles that hinder the health of humans and animals, come from epidemic areas, and can spread diseases.   Note: China Customs is very strict in the inspection of cultural goods. The customs will open the box and inspect the packaging containing the cultural goods to confirm that the content meets the relevant national regulations. Please do not bring any books and audio products that involve national politics, religion, social speech, and make sure that the cultural items you carry are original products, otherwise the customs will confiscate them and hold you legally responsible.
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