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Difficulties in the transportation industry of

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-01
The annual road transportation volume of hazardous chemicals in my country exceeds 1.6 billion tons, accounting for more than 30% of the total annual freight volume, and it is increasing year by year.

   As of 7:00 on June 15, the explosion of a tanker in Wenling, Zhejiang has caused 20 deaths and caused heavy losses to people’s lives and property.

From the video data returned from the accident site, it can be seen that the scene was tragic after the explosion. The tanker body disintegrated after the explosion. The wreckage of the truck body flew to the green belt inside the ramp, and the nearly 20-meter guardrail on the right side of the ramp exploded from the lane. The tank body was blown up to a distance of about 300 meters from the explosion point; a car was directly blown up to a 4-story building, and a second explosion occurred at the scene.

   Some experts told the media, “Judging from the consequences of this explosion, it is more powerful than cruise missiles.”

   The authoritative data obtained by a reporter from China Business News shows that at present, there are 11,500 hazardous chemical road transport companies and more than 300,000 vehicles in the country. This also means that there are nearly 300,000 'moving bombs' on the road, which is very risky. How to effectively supervise? How is the system established? It has become an urgent problem to be solved.

   There are thousands of accidents in the transportation of hazardous chemicals each year

   Just one week before the explosion of a tanker on the G15 Shenhai Expressway (Wenling Daxi Section), another tanker overturned, leaked and caught fire in Zhejiang.

The official website of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Branch revealed on June 12 that on the evening of June 7, a dangerous goods tanker carrying 21 tons of LNG was passing G1512 (Yongjin Expressway) towards Jinhua. In the Shaxi section of Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, it collided with a container semi-trailer transporting steel coils, causing the LNG tanker to roll over, leak and catch fire. At 5 am on June 10, the rescue work started after the tank flame was extinguished.

   With a large variety of hazardous chemicals and a large output, China has become the world's largest producer of chemicals. Public data shows that the annual road transportation volume of hazardous chemicals in my country exceeds 1.6 billion tons, accounting for more than 30% of the total annual freight volume, and it is increasing year by year.

   Le Ye, the general manager and senior logistics engineer of Shanghai Jinling International Logistics Co., Ltd., said that thousands of road transport safety accidents of hazardous chemicals each year have brought huge losses to personnel, the environment and the economy.

   Among them, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong are all major provinces in my country for the production, operation and use of hazardous chemicals. According to data released by the Office of the Shandong Provincial Work Safety Commission on June 14th, as of the end of 2019, Shandong had 770 hazardous chemical transportation enterprises and more than 34,000 transportation vehicles (including more than 330 highly toxic chemical transportation vehicles). In addition to operating vehicles in different places, there are about 60,000 vehicles driving on the roads in Shandong Province every day during peak hours. The safety risks of movement remain high. If safety management is neglected, these vehicles will become 'time bombs in motion.'

   Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province is located in the core circle of the economically developed Yangtze River Delta, with frequent passenger and cargo transportation and dangerous goods transportation. On the 14th, Suzhou urgently convened a plenary meeting of the Transportation Safety Production Committee. At present, the annual transportation volume of dangerous goods in Suzhou accounts for about one-fifth of Jiangsu Province. There are 176 dangerous goods road transport businesses and 6,404 transportation vehicles in the city, including 1,534 tankers.

   On the same day, the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department held an emergency video conference on the special rectification of hazardous and explosive vehicles for public security organs and the management of summer traffic safety. The Shanxi Traffic Management Department reported that as of June 13 this year, a total of 29 traffic accidents involving hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles have occurred in Shanxi Province, resulting in 6 deaths and 30 injuries.

  There are four deficiencies in the management of hazardous chemicals transportation

   my country is a big consumer of petroleum and chemical products, and there is a strong demand for logistics of hazardous chemicals. According to media reports, the size of my country's hazardous chemicals logistics market has exceeded 1.8 trillion yuan in 2019.

   However, many people in the transportation and chemical industries told reporters that at present, my country's hazardous chemicals storage and transportation enterprises have mixed good and bad, and some of the enterprises' qualifications and technologies are not good enough.

According to Le Ye, since 2018, the country has frequently issued new policies on the storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals, such as 'Road Dangerous Goods Transportation Enterprise Level', 'Bulk Liquid Chemical Tank Vehicle Loading and Unloading Safety Operation Specification' and many other road transportation and vehicle safety technical standards. After implementation, local governments have tightened control over the logistics of hazardous chemicals and launched a series of special rectification activities for the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

   But overall, my country’s current road transportation management of hazardous chemicals still has four shortcomings:

   The entry barrier is not high, the overall quality of the employees is low, and the internal management of the enterprise is not in place. Statistics show that there are more than 1.2 million people engaged in road transportation of hazardous chemicals in my country. In recent years, it has been difficult for hazardous chemicals transportation companies to recruit grassroots personnel. Many accidents are caused by the lack of basic knowledge of employees and the inadequate management of enterprises.

   There is no scientific hazardous chemicals transportation network planning, and the logistics efficiency is low. The main manifestations are improper selection of transportation capacity, repeated transportation, and long transportation radius.

   The efficiency of long-term law enforcement is low. The overlapping of functions has resulted in insufficient management efficiency between departments, and the government's guidance and assistance to the industry is not enough. In some regions, there is still a phenomenon of penalties.

  The accident emergency rescue system is not perfect. The emergency response team is not sufficient, and the emergency rescue guarantee capacity allocation is insufficient, which is likely to cause secondary accidents.

   Liu Tiemin, former president of the Chinese Academy of Work Safety, also told the media recently that some tankers in China have been modified, and after modification, they can hold hundreds of tons of liquefied gas, or at least dozens of tons. Once a tank truck storing such a huge amount of energy explodes, the consequences will be very dire.

   The total number of hazardous chemicals on the register in my country currently amounts to 2,828, which does not include the newly added hazardous chemicals each year. The chemical and physical properties of these hazardous chemicals are quite different. It is highly dangerous during transportation, and is greatly affected by weather conditions and road conditions, and safety accidents are extremely easy to occur.

During the National People’s Congress this year, Zhang Chunsheng, a representative of the National People’s Congress and chairman of Jinling Petrochemical Co., Ltd., stated that under the current management system, road transportation of hazardous chemicals belongs to multiple management, including safety supervision departments, transportation departments, and public security departments. , Will also involve health, fire protection, environmental protection and other departments.

   Zhang Chunsheng said that the management objects are also multifaceted, including the source manufacturer, the terminal shipper, and the transportation company connected with the two. The transportation of hazardous chemicals is often cross-regional transportation, involving management departments in different regions, and it is prone to problems such as duplication of supervision, dislocation, and blind spots. In addition, because many regions or departments cannot share information, it reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of supervision to a certain extent.

On January 1 this year, the 'Measures for the Safety Management of Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods' jointly issued by the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Emergency Management, and the State Administration of Market Supervision began to be implemented, requiring carriers to pre-fill or load Check related matters, the loading operation meets the relevant standards, and record and save the relevant information.

But in fact, hazardous chemicals transportation accidents still occur from time to time. To some extent, it reflects that the inherent problems of this industry, such as unlicensed operation, overloading, mixed packaging, vicious competition, and incomplete management systems, cannot be solved overnight. .

   Establish an entry and exit mechanism for transport units of hazardous chemicals

After the G15 Shenhai Expressway (Wenling Daxi Section) tanker explosion accident occurred, the Ministry of Transport issued an urgent issue on June 14 'About Doing a Good Job in Work Safety in Key Fields such as the Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals and Resolutely Containing Major and Serious Work Safety Accidents 'Emergency Notice' requires local transportation departments to learn lessons from accidents and strengthen safe production of hazardous chemicals transportation by analogy.

In May of this year, the 'Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Work Safety in the Transport of Hazardous Chemicals' issued by the Ministry of Transport requires that the systemic and regional safety production risk prevention and control in the transportation of hazardous chemicals shall be strengthened, and the responsibility and management system for production safety shall be strictly implemented to improve Hidden hazard investigation and production safety prevention and control system, strengthen source management, comprehensive management, precise management, and strengthen the safety management of the entire chain of hazardous chemical transportation.

   The opinion clearly requires that the special treatment of atmospheric liquid dangerous cargo tank trucks be carried out in depth. Severely crack down on illegal and illegal acts of road and water transportation of dangerous goods, focusing on cracking down on unlicensed operations and out-of-scope operations. Strengthen the access management of dangerous goods transportation vehicles and ships, and strictly use vehicles, ships, and equipment that meet the requirements of national standards and match the nature and weight of the dangerous goods carried.

   According to the reporter's understanding, in recent years, my country has strengthened the supervision of the transportation of hazardous chemicals through technical means such as 'Internet +'. Currently, the National Hazardous Chemicals Physics Big Data Operation Center with a total investment of 350 million yuan is under construction in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

   In the past, once the hazardous chemicals transportation vehicle leaked, it was very likely to cause great pollution to the environment, and subsequent treatment would be very troublesome. Because there is no big data, people participating in the rescue do not know what is installed on the car, and they do not know what equipment to use to rescue. After the data center is completed and operated, it will realize the functions of real-time online supervision, daily safety warning, and precise rescue after the event.

According to the Ministry of Transport, in the next step, in accordance with the overall deployment of the national three-year action plan for special rectification of production safety and the overall deployment of the industry’s three-year action implementation plan, the industry will quickly organize and carry out a comprehensive investigation of industry safety accidents and management of outstanding problems. Security management. Strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of the road transportation of hazardous chemicals, strictly monitor the dynamic monitoring of vehicles and drivers; strengthen the safety management of the storage and operation of hazardous chemicals in the port, strengthen the assessment and control of major risks in areas where hazardous chemicals are concentrated in the port; strictly enforce the safety of hazardous chemicals on the waterway Management, it is strictly forbidden to transport over-range, over-capacity and sick ships; strengthen the safety management of the parking of dangerous chemicals and ships.

   At the same time, comprehensively strengthen the prevention of major security risks in other key areas of the industry. Pay close attention to the risks of long-distance passenger transport lines and inter-provincial chartered tourist transport, urban buses and rail transit dangerous goods entering stations and large passenger flow safety risks, passenger ferry, ro-ro passenger ships, tourist ships and cruise ships under severe weather conditions Navigation risks, high-risk construction and site safety risks of highway and water transportation projects, fire risks in densely populated places and key locations, strictly implement control measures to effectively prevent and contain various accidents.

   On June 14, a video conference on the emergency work of the safety management of hazardous chemicals in the road transportation industry in Zhejiang Province also proposed to quickly carry out major safety inspections and major rectification actions in the hazardous chemicals transportation industry. Carry out all-round and three-dimensional inspections of all dangerous goods road transportation enterprises, water transportation enterprises, ports and wharfs, port storage tanks, dangerous goods transportation vehicles, ships, and employees in the province to ensure that no one enterprise or one vehicle is missed. Do not miss a driver.

   Some experts told reporters that an entry and exit mechanism for hazardous chemical transport units should be established, and red and blacklist management models should be introduced to allow those high-risk and backward chemical transport units to exit the market in an orderly manner.
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