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Best logistics in foreign countries, bring anything?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
International logistics abroad, for our immigration friend familiar with gradually; Small make up according to the experience of the company's customer demand, the following migrants to resident country, according to their characteristics, resource cost comparison at home and abroad, to share the international shipping logistics strategy will bring items. The United States, the quality of life, business links and optimal; A commercial atmosphere extremely strong country. Although, of course, the present state system perfect; Its national background is not very long history. In the United States intends to permanent friends, if love for Chinese culture; Or proposal must carry a set of Chinese style furniture, market comparison of China and the United States, a set of hundreds of thousands of Chinese style furniture; In the United States must dig out 3 - on the market 5 times. One of the reason, believe that speak for themselves. Canada, the economic developed countries; Natural resources are extremely rich; The national living environment. Then settled in Canada friend, also can be considered a set of Chinese style furniture add amorous feelings of North America; Having a unique style of the quality of life and let a person yearning. Suggestion: to carry furniture, bedding, Especially the mattress) , textiles, books, tableware, lamps, paintings. Canada's furniture is not suitable, textiles is expensive; The mattress is soft in the west. Australia, the best immigration country, pleasant climate, beautiful scenery. The main is a charming House prices, China's major cities is a castle in the control can in Australia to buy a piece of their own land, and a Big House. Australia's advice to carry: furniture, outdoor furniture, stereo, handicraft furnishing articles, bicycle. New Zealand is a country worthy of immigration, climate and environment and optimal; Really picturesque country, the policy environment is also very good. Moderate prices; China's middle class can choose to consider. Suggest carry: furniture, kitchen supplies, tableware, beds and mattresses, books, piano. No matter where you live above a immigration country, through the local countries choose local supply high cost items, unified procurement in China. Of course, no matter which kind of items above; Choosing the right international logistics lp, will not have the concerns of the tariff. Therefore, we can unbridled bold procurement.
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