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Belongings back home, you should know the customs declaration

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Multinational work study abroad or immigration, personal belongings entry-exit inspection as immigrants, international students know this kind of cross-border housewarming pressing problems. Today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up take you to go see luggage home, about the relevant provisions of the customs declaration, let's go and see. Many clients from abroad, often in the entry, but was stopped by the customs and the postal inspection. Customs the final inspection result is: you must fill in the declaration form, and pay import duty & hellip; Take back goods worth more than the original customer the trunk exemption without customs declaration. 1, why to declare? Report is in order to avoid inadvertent violation by related. Entry and exit involves the legal laws and regulations, for not familiar with the ordinary passengers in advance to the customs declaration, can greatly reduce the trouble and loss. 2, how to declare? According to the regulations of the customs clearance, entry passengers want to go to the customs declaration before declaration, submit the declaration, truthfully declare the carry-on luggage items, return to take passport, ticket, and invoice, so that the customs audit. 3, the provisions of the customs for duty-free tax: tax deduction: enter, resident passengers bringing in overseas access for imported self-use articles, gross (within 5000 yuan Contain 5000 yuan) ; Non-resident passengers carrying plans to stay in China for imported self-use articles, gross (within 2000 yuan Contain 2000 yuan) , the customs duty. Raising taxes: buy single items total price less than or equal to 5000 yuan, more than 5000 yuan worth of multiple items, then need to pay tax excess part; If single item exceeds 5000 yuan, the need to pay in full. 4, and which items need to be declared? Carrying more than 20000 yuan RMB yuan in notes, or gold and silver and its products for more than 50 g; Non-resident passengers carrying foreign currency cash or us $5000 or above; Residents of passengers carrying foreign currency cash or us $1000 or more; To carry goods, samples or articles carried beyond the scope of passenger baggage and articles for personal use; Carrying animals and plants of control and quarantine regulations of China and its products and other items shall let them pass. 20 if there is the customs shall levy of a product, please to declare: audio equipment, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, cameras, copiers, program-controlled telephone switches, micro computer and peripherals, telephone, infinite paging system, fax machines, electronic calculator, typewriters and word processor, furniture, lamps and lanterns, TV set, camera, video recorder, disc player. 5, the list of the customs declaration and content, what consequence can you have? Import and export of goods name, tariff number column, quantity, specification, price, trade way, the country of origin, of departure, arrived at the final destination, or any other project shall declare undeclared or declare untrue. Shall be punished in accordance with the following provisions shall be respectively, have the illegal income, confiscate the illegal income: ( 1) Influencing the accuracy of the customs statistics, a warning shall be issued or a fine of not more than 1000 yuan and 10000 yuan. ( 2) Influence of customs supervision order, may issue a warning or a fine of not more than 1000 yuan and 30000 yuan. ( 3) Influence national certificates management, value of goods more than 5% less than 30% fines. ( 4) Influence of national tax collection, unpaid duties at more than 30%, 2 times the fine. ( 5) Affect China's foreign exchange, the administration of export tax refund declaration price more than 10% less than 50% fines.
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